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Welcome to the Skagit County Planning and Permitting Online Application System

The Planning and Permitting Office has transitioned to a new online application platform, Granicus. All applications shall be submitted using Granicus as it provides for a more secure method of submitting applications.

We hope you enjoy this new method of submitting applications and find it easy to use.

Please contact Launa Black, Planning Systems Manager, 360-416-1379, if you have any problems or comments regarding the service. We welcome your feedback.

To set up an account in Granicus:
(Microsoft Edge is the preferred Internet browser. for this service)

Create an account here

Here's how:

Select the “Register Here” button

This will take you to the sign up form
Skagit County uses OKTA as our provider for customer account management. This will allow you to have one username and password to access all of Skagit County’s business services.

To create your account.


  • Enter the email address to use as your username.
    This should be of a form like Skagit County will use the email address both as your account name and to send you correspondence on the status of or actions required on your service request
  • Enter your password

Your password must be:

  • At least 8 characters in length
  • Contain at least one number
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter(s)
  • Contain at least one uppercase letter(s)
  • Does not contain part of your username

Your password will only be known by you.

Skagit County will not have access to your password.

  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter your Last Name

Select the Register button.

If all of the information meets the account requirements you will have successfully created a Skagit County Business Portal Account.

Once this step is complete, you will be redirected to our main portal page.

Using Skagit County Online Business Services

To use a Skagit County service, just select the service you wish to run from the Services page.


Managing your submitted cases

Each service you use is creates a case. You may see and manage your cases, by clicking on the MyRequests tab as shown following.

This will take you to the My Requests web form where you can see and manage all of the requests that you have submitted to Skagit County.

You can set the number of cases to display, filter the cases that you wish to see, search for cases and interact with cases that require more information.

To change the number of cases that can be shown on the page, select the up/down arrows in the Show box. This will come up with a list that you can set to show the number of cases.


The Filter will allow you to display ALL cases, Open cases or Closed cases. You may wish to only display your open cases as these are the cases that are currently being worked on by Skagit County Departments.


The Search box can be used to just view a case. You can use search to search on the Case ID, Process, or Case Status to see if there are cases that need action. You can use any part of a Case ID orĀ  Process Name to search. However, for Case Status you can only use the term “Action” to search for cases that require your action.

To see more information about the case, use the arrow key as shown below to expand to see more information.

This shows an expanded view of a case submitted to our Planning and Development Services. The form shows that the Case is requesting action and that there is a new task that has submitted. To take action on the requested task. Click on the “CONTINUE” button.

The “CONTINUE” button will bring up a form for you to take further action.