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Records Management Coordinator: Kristen Stubben

Finding Skagit County Public Records
Are you looking for Skagit County public records? Skagit County Records Management may be able to help. Finding the record you need is a simple three-step process.


Instant Records Search
First, try our Records Search page. Skagit County makes many public records available at no cost with instant access. Examples include real property documents, land use planning documents, county budgets, commissioner meeting minutes and agendas, contracts, resolutions, and reports.


Consult Appropriate Department
No luck finding it on your own? The appropriate county department may be able to help you find what you're looking for. Here's a list of records coordinators in each county department with examples of the records each department manages. Contact the records coordinator for assistance.


Request Identifiable Records
Still not finding what you need? You can request identifiable public records by filing a records request | Records request information | Online Form
Skagit County believes government should be transparent, accountable, and responsive. See our Public Records Resolution R20070276 for more information about Skagit County's commitment to fullest assistance to providing access to our public records.