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Geographic Information Services
Director: Geoff Almvig

Welcome to the Skagit County Geographic Information Services (SCGIS)
The Geographic Information Services (GIS) office is a centralized service center that provides mapping and GIS services to meet the business needs of our partners, customers, and clients within Skagit County and the communities we serve. This includes providing support and maintenance in the areas of data conversion, cartography, remote sensing, computer graphics and visualization, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), database design, software development, address system maintenance, and 911-database maintenance.


The Skagit County Street Atlas is designed to be used as a quick reference for displaying detail views of streets within Skagit County. The atlas includes a comprehensive road index making it easy to navigate to a specific area of the county. You are welcome to download the entire (500 plus sheets) atlas and view or print the contents.
11"x17" features roads, trails, city maps and much more.

There are nine main categories on our Web site. Each area is always accessible by using the corresponding buttons on the left side of the GIS Home page. The areas are each briefly described as follows:

  • iMAP--Interactive Maps: iMap is an Internet Map Service (IMS) that allows interactive viewing of Skagit County geographic information. This product is designed to run from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser and provides a simple set of tools to “quickly” view map information. You can now search on an address, road name, or Assessor property id number and the system will quickly display a map showing the map information. You can view information, such as, ownership parcels, fire districts, commissioner districts, zoning and comprehensive plan designations, zip codes, voting precincts, topography, school districts, aerial photography, and other useful information. We plan to expand the list of layers and add links to other important county information. You can think of iMap as an “Information Portal”. The best way to see what iMap can do is to give it a try. You do not need to download software to run it, just select the iMap icon and it will run in your IE browser. We encourage you to learn to use it by playing with it. However, if you need help you can get it by selecting the “?” symbol on the iMap tool bar.
  • About GIS: page is for those who want a better understanding of what a Geographic Information System is and how it works.
  • Map Gallery: we have an extensive gallery of maps that have been prepared by us that are in Adobe PDF format. These maps include zoning and comprehensive plan maps; maps of Skagit County; relief maps; and other maps of interest. Best of all, they are free to view and download.
  • Order A Printed Map: if you find something that you like in the map gallery and you would like to purchase a full size copy, this area will walk you through the easy process for placing an order.
  • Assessor Maps: this feature gives you the capability to view County Assessor maps via the Internet using the free Autodesk® Whip Viewer plug-in. The Assessor maps are updated every night; therefore, you will always be looking at the previous days changes. You can also view parcels on iMap, however, using the DWF Viewer allows you to view the “legal” Assessor Office maps which provides more parcel information than what you will see in iMap.
  • GPS Files: This section is for those who need Global Positioning System (GPS) base station files to differentially correct their GPS data. Skagit County operates two survey grade GPS reference stations that stream data to the Washington State Reference Network (WSRN). The WSRN provides a way to download correction files in DAT and RINEX formats.
  • Links: if you are interested in other GIS related information, we have collected a list of our favorite links to some great sites.
  • Digital Data: for those of you who have GIS software and would like to create their own maps, this area will allow you to download our digital files at no cost.
  • SCDC: The Skagit County Database Consortium was established in 1998 to collect and analyze environmental data and to aid in the conservation of natural resources within the Skagit river watershed.