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Assessor: David M. Thomas


Tax Rate Changes:
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2018 Assessed Values Available on Website

The 2018 assessed valuations are complete and available on the county website. Value change notices are to be mailed October 19 to open the 30 day appeal window. All property owners may submit an appeal during this time even if their value did not change and no notice is received. The 2018 values have an effective date of January 1, 2018 and reflect sales activity between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018.

Properties within the Anacortes school district received on-site inspections and new appraisals while the remainder of the county received statistical updates resulting from the annual ratio study. The study compares assessed value to selling price on sold properties to derive an average assessment ratio at the neighborhood level. All properties in the neighborhood receive value adjustments based on the sample group of sold properties. Further explanation is available in the booklet, “Information on Property Tax Procedures” accessed by the link below. Please call the Assessor’s Office if you have questions about the new value.

bookletInformation On Property Tax Procedures: 2018

School Funding Legislation for 2018 Collection Year

The 2017 Legislature passed Engrossed House Bill 2242 in an effort to adequately fund state schools per the McCleary vs. State of Washington decision. The bill sets a common school levy rate statewide. For taxes collected in Skagit County in 2018, it means an estimated increase of 86 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.

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About the Assessor's Office

The assessor acts as an agent for the Washington State Department of Revenue and is responsible for administering the property tax system for the county. This process involves establishing real and personal property values for distributing taxes for each tax district, as well as reviewing each tax district’s budget request to assure all legal requirements and limitations are met. The assessor also administers and monitors compliance for recipients of tax benefit programs, such as the Senior Citizen and Disabled Exemption program and the various Current Use programs for properties used for agriculture, timber and open space.

imapThis web site has been prepared to answer questions you might have about the property tax system in Skagit County. There are no unique rules or R.C.W.'s in Skagit County.

The property tax system is designed to treat all taxpayers equally across the State of Washington. My office works hard to treat everyone fairly and promptly. In these pages you will find a group of commonly asked questions about revaluations, the Board of Equalization, values, levies, and an assortment of useful information.

I welcome any comments or suggestions you may offer for improving this website to better serve the needs of the users and citizens of Skagit County.


David M. Thomas

Skagit County Assessor

Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve the citizens of Skagit County by striving for the highest level in equity of assessment, efficiency of operation, and professionalism of our staff.

Assessor Sales Data.
This tool will enable you to search valid sales dating back three years and is illustrated by a colored legend to associate the year of the sale. This tool is built into Imap and you can select other layers or views if you prefer. The details for a selected parcel will appear in a new window.
You can view the Sales Data iMap layer here.

Assessor: Dave Thomas

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Dave Thomas
Assessor: Dave Thomas