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Address management is an electronic (online) service. Our online services include the ability to apply for an address, acquire an address sign, verify an address, and search the address database.

For address questions, call:
360-416-1141 (Tuesday - Friday) 360-416-1168 (Monday)

Addressing for unincorporated areas of Skagit County.
Addressing contact information for cities, towns and other areas can be found here.

Skagit County's Addressing resolutions can be found

Address Definition:
Addresses are numbers used on buildings or landmarks along a roadway. As part of the County’s public safety system, they are used to get emergency responders to their response targets.    


Contact the County Address Coordinator
Skagit County GIS
Mailing Address:
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
360-416-1141 (Tuesday - Friday) 360-416-1168 (Monday)
For mapping questions, call: 360-416-1168
Location: 1700 East College Way, Mount Vernon, WA
Hours: 7:30-4:30