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Documents recorded from 1973 to present
(Not all document types may be available online.)

These public document images do not constitute certified copies of recorded documents. If the user requires a certified copy of a document, please contact the Skagit County Auditor at 360-416-1704. By using this search, you are agreeing to Skagit County's terms and conditions.


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The Auditor's File Number search will return records where the search term matches exactly the search term entered. However, the file number does not require the first 2 digits of the year (for example, 201305010001 may be entered as 1305010001).
The Party Name search works by matching the search term entered with the values in the Grantor, Grantee and Filed By fields in the Recorded Document index. The search will find all records containing the search term entered. If you enter more than the last name, do not separate with commas, only a space.
Dates must be in a recognizable format (ie. 4/15/2013) and the From date must be earlier or the same as the To date. If only a From date is entered, all selected documents on that date or after will be returned. If only a To date is entered, all selected documents on that date or before will be returned.