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Frequently Asked County Addressing Questions:

  • My bank wants a letter of address verification. How do I get one?

    Submit a Address Verification Request online:

    Address Verification Request

    Or Contact the Address Coordinator by phone (360-416-1141) or email, and after your address is verified, you will receive a letter by postal delivery or email.

  • Why is an address sign important?

    There are 3 primary parts to emergency response system: getting the call information, finding the target, and treating the situation. Therefore, that little sign is 1/3 of the entire emergency response system. If they cannot find you they cannot help you.

  • Where do I get a blue sign?

    Contact the Address Coordinator by phone or email, and after your county address is verified, you will receive a free blue address placard in the mail.

  • How do I apply for an address?

    Submit an address application online:

    Online address application

    You need to have an approved state access permit from WSDOT if your property accesses a state route.

  • What do I do if I am experiencing package delivery problems?

    You can call your local delivery companies and ask them to use Skagit County iMap online to search for properties they deliver to, instead of using search engines like Google Maps, Map Quest, or Bing Maps. Skagit County iMap is the most up-to-date address source for Skagit County addresses.

  • Why does my address show up incorrectly on the internet?

    Most companies that provide online map searches can be many years behind on the address and road information in their commercial mapping systems. However, they typically provide their account holders a way to correct their address information. You can submit a change request to those companies to ensure that your correct address information is in place.

  • What's going to happen when we call 911?

    Skagit County addresses are added in the 911 database to notify emergency responders in the event of an emergency call. The main purpose for addressing in Skagit County is to provide efficient emergency response, because your safety is important to us. You can also call 911 and ask them to check their system to see if your address is in it correctly.

Resolutions establishing Skagit County's Addressing System