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Geographic Information Services
Director: Geoff Almvig

Skagit County Aerial Imagery

Skagit County has an extensive collection of aerial imagery now available in digital formats.

All of the aerial images cited in the box below can be viewed using iMap. To turn on the aerials  select  the Aerial Photography maps.


Aerial photos that are checked will be displayed from the top down. In addition you can compare the top two aerial photos checked by sliding the Transparency Slider (seen at the bottom of the layer list).

Overview of Imagery

Date Source/Availability
1937 Download from Skagit County
1969 Skagit County GIS (more details)
1998 WA-DNR
2001 Skagit County GIS (more details)
2003 Download from USDA
2004 Download from USDA
2005 Download from USDA
2006 Download from USDA
2007 Skagit County GIS Partnership (more details)
2009 Skagit County GIS Partnership (more details)
2011 Skagit County GIS Partnership (more details)
2013 Skagit County GIS Partnership (more details)


Information about LIDAR flown in Skagit County.

Aerial Photo Prints

The historical paper print aerial photos owned by the County have been scanned and archived and can now be viewed by contacting the Public Works Department.  These photos include flights from 1937, 1956, 1966, 1978 and 1993. These scans are not georeferenced and are available by sections.

For information:
Josh Greenberg