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Geographic Information Services
Director: Geoff Almvig

   Digital Data Warehouse : Geographic data for your mapping system

Data Overview
County GIS provides access to a small but growing set of digital information which has been created by our staff. This data has been collected into a virtual warehouse and is intended for use with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. The data includes a number of online data sets that you may preview and download immediately. Best of all, Skagit County data sets are free of charge (when downloaded from the web). Our virtual warehouse also includes links to many other data sets that you may acquire directly from the publisher. All we ask is that you review our Data Use and Legal Responsibility form before downloading
County data sets. This will insure that you fully understand our terms and conditions before you use the data.

Please note: Some of these datasets may not be downloadable from the links below via Internet Explorer version 6. You can try downloading them using Mozzilla or an ftp protocol such as CuteFTP. If you continue to have trouble downloading our GIS or CAD data, please contact our office at 360-416-1168.

LIDAR Data Information

Skagit County GIS Data Sets

Links To AgenciesThat Provide Spatial Data
Many of the maps we create include data sets from other agencies. We have prepared a comprehensive list of links to these agencies to help you find and acquire additional data.

Free GIS Map Viewers
If you dont have GIS software, this vendor can help you get kick-started