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balloonsComment on Land Use Plans and Legislation

Planning and Development Services invites the public to submit written comments on many types of land use issues. It’s important to follow the process when you submit comments so that your comments make it to the right person in time for them to be considered.

Land use plans, code amendments, and map amendments are legislative matters, governed by the process for legislative proposals in SCC Chapter 14.08. These proposals have one or more written comment periods and a public hearing before the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners, which ultimately makes the decision on what the county adopts.

For legislation, all electronic comments must be sent via email to

Know the process to successfully comment:


Get your written comments in before the deadline.

For legislation, public comment is started with a Notice of Availability, which is posted to the proposal webpage and published as a legal notice in the Skagit Valley Herald. All comments must be received by the deadline in the Notice of Availability. The written comment deadline usually ends two days after the scheduled public hearing.

Send your written comments to the right place.

All emailed comments must include:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your mailing address
  3. The name of the proposal you are commenting on.

For legislation, all electronic comments must be sent via email to

Include your comments in the body of your email message rather than as attachments. If you email your comments to PDS staff, or the Planning Commissioners, or the County Commissioners, your comments will not be considered properly submitted and will not be included in the packets provided to the decision makers.

Electronic comments are preferred, but if you want to send comments via US mail, print them in black and white on 8½x11 paper and mail or deliver to:

Comments on the [name of the legislative proposal]
Planning and Development Services
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon WA 98273

Please note: Any information submitted to Skagit County will be subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56)

Be Prepared for Public Meeting
Public Hearing
After written comment has been submitted for a Public Hearing testimony, verbal testimony at Planning Commission public hearing must be given. Public Hearing comments are limited to three minutes per person. You will be asked to give your name and your address before you begin speaking. You cannot yield time to other speakers.

Public Remarks
This is non-formal time on the agenda for anyone to speak to the Planning Commission about any topic except items scheduled on the agenda for a public hearing that same day, or items that have had a public hearing and are still under Planning Commission deliberation.

Public Remarks are not part of the formal public participation process for any development regulation or comprehensive plan amendment project. Public Comment limited to three minutes per speaker and up to fifteen minutes total.

Written remarks can be submitted via email as indicated above, or provided verbally when included on the Planning Commission agenda.  Directions on participating the virtual meetings via phone or computer can be found on the agenda for that meeting.

To view these meetings live please visit Skagit21

How to Comment on Permit Applications and Appeals


Accessibility Notice

disabiltyAnyone who plans to attend a public hearing and has special needs or disabilities should contact the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners at 360 416-1300 at least 96 hours before the hearing to discuss and arrange any special accommodations.