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Skagit County Permit Fee Schedules

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Current fees
Impact Fee Schedule
Impact fees are a type of one-time charge permit applicants pay to help finance their proportionate share of the cost of the roads, parks, schools, and other facilities necessary to serve new development. Impact fees are usually due at the time a building permit is issued. While Skagit County does not levy its own impact fees, it collects them for certain other jurisdictions when permits are issued within their boundaries. For more information, see www.skagitcounty.net/cfp. Planning & Development Services Fee Schedule
Skagit County collects fees to cover the cost of processing applications for development permits and other permits issued by the Planning & Development Services department.
General Provisions

Miscellaneous Fees
Hourly rate $120/hour
Use of outside consultants consultant fee + County hourly rate
Copies $0.15 per side per letter-size copy
Postage at cost; 50 mailed notices included in each Planning fee
Recordings (with Auditor) at cost

In addition to any other fees, publication fees ($140 per occurrence, or actual cost, whichever is higher) will be charged each time a public notice in the newspaper is required. The Publications column indicates how many publication fees will be initially assessed for each application type.

Item Base Fee Publication Fees
Appeal of Code Enforcement Order to Hearing Examiner $250 2
Appeal to Hearing Examiner (all other matters) $1000 2
Reconsideration of Hearing Examiner Decision $180 1
Appeal to Board of County Commissioners $500 1

Additional Fees for Code Enforcement
In addition to any other fees, the Department may assess civil or criminal penalties as daily fines as described in SCC Chapter 14.44 and RCW 90.58.210.

Building violations
100% of the resulting building permit fee
Planning violations 100% of the resulting planning fee
Critical areas violations 200% of the resulting critical areas fee
Shoreline violations 100% of the resulting planning fee

The Department may refund up to:
  • 80% of the plan review fee paid when an application for a permit is withdrawn or canceled before the department reviews the plans.
  • 80% of the permit fee paid if construction on the permitted work has not started.
  • Any fee which was erroneously paid or collected.
  • 80% of a Comprehensive Plan Amendment application fee if the applicant withdraws the application before docketing, or the Board of County Commissioners does not docket the application.


Each building permit includes a Plan Review Fee (charged at time of application) and a Permit Fee (charged when the permit is issued). Both fees are based on project valuation.

New Construction Valuation
All new structures not specified below Based on the most recent edition of the table “Square Foot Construction Costs” from the International Code Council’s published Building Valuation Data
Fences $30/linear ft
Bulkheads and retaining walls $100/linear ft
Foundations $100/linear ft
Decks $12.85/sq ft
Wood post frame buildings ≤ 2,000 sq ft $22/sq ft
Wood post frame buildings > 2,000 sq ft $13/sq ft
Prefabicated metal carport/storage ≤ 1,000 sq ft $8/sq ft
Water storage tanks Documented bid price or the following, whichever is higher:
$0.75/gallon up to 100,000 gallons;
$0.50/gallon between 100,000 and 1,000,000 gallons;
$0.30/gallon over 1,000,000 gallons

Remodel Valuation
Valuation of structures being remodeled is based on the value calculated per the table above, multiplied by the percentage that corresponds to the extent of alteration in the table below. The extent of alteration includes one or more of the listed items. The floor area will be calculated based on the entire area of the rooms where the alterations are proposed. If a project has areas for which it is reasonable to distinguish as being of different categories, it is appropriate to calculate the areas separately to develop the valuation.

Extent of
% of Building
Minor 25%
  • Addition, removal or repair of some walls or partitions
  • Minor mechanical, electrical or plumbing work, such as residential remodeling of bathrooms or kitchens
  • Some refinishing of existing walls, ceilings and floors
  • Replacement of some windows
  • Replacement of ceiling grid system
Major 50%
  • Addition or removal of many walls
  • Extensive mechanical, electrical or plumbing work
  • Significant refinishing of walls, ceilings and floors
  • Replacement of many windows
  • Limited structural modification and addition
Full 75%
  • Demolition of all non-structural portions leaving a structural shell
  • Installation of new or substantial replacement of mechanical, electrical or plumbing
  • Significant structural upgrading
  • Extensive structural repair.

Permit Fees Based on Valuation
Building permit fees for new or modified building area are calculated using the following table.

Total Valuation
$1 to $500 $24
$501 to $2,000 $24 for the first $500, plus $3 for each additional $100, or fraction thereof, to and including $2,000.
$2,001 to $40,000 $69 for the first $2000; plus $11 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof, to and including $40,000.
$40,001 to $100,000 $487 for the first $40,000; plus $9 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof, to and including $100,000.
$100,001 to $500,000 $1,027 for the first $100,000 plus $7 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof, to and including $500,000.
$500,001 to $1,000,000 $3,827 for the first $500,000 plus $5 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof, to and including $1,000,000.
$1,000,001 to $5,000,000 $6,327 for the first $1,000,000 or fraction thereof plus $3 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof.
$5,000,001 and over $18,327 for the first $5,000,000 or fraction thereof plus $1 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof.

Manufactured Home Permit Fees
Manufactured homes $525
Modular homes $525 plus foundation or basement permit
Title elimination (with finaled building permit) $50
Title elimination (with issued building permit) $120

Grading Permits
Permit fees are as determined by this table, plus the plan review fee.

From (in cubic yards)
To (in cubic yards)  Base Fee  Additional Fee Cubic yard increment for additional fee
1 50 24 0 0
51 100 37 0 0
101 1000 37 17.50 100
1001 10,000 195 14.50 1000
10,001 100,000 325 66 10,000
100,001 999,999,999 919 36.50 10,000

Other Fees
Plan review 65% of building or grading permit fee
Plan review of stock plans (for use on multiple lots) 100% of the plan review fee for the first plan set;
50% of the plan review fee for subsequent plan sets
Stormwater review (of building/grading permit applications) $0.06 per sq ft of new or replaced hard surface
Stormwater review of subdivisions $150 per lot
Flood Area Development Permit requiring an elevation certificate $100
Flood Area Development Permit without elevation certificate $50
Inspections outside of normal business hours $120/hour (2 hour minimum)
Reinspection fees $120/hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Plan review or inspection required by changes, additions, or revisions to plans $120/hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Final inspection of expired non-commercial projects less than three years old $75
Demolition Permit $25
Mechanical Permits $50 base fee + $10 per fixture
Plumbing Permit $50 base fee + $10 per fixture
State Building Code Council Surcharge $4.50 + $2 for each additional residential unit
Building Permit Extension (6 months or less, allowed one time) Free
Building Permit Extension (3 years, allowed one time) 30% of the cost of the current building permit fee

Fire Marshal

Building permit plan review
Basic site and access review $ 95
Certificate of occupancy inspection  95

Fire protection sprinkler systems
Type Number of heads Fee
Commercial NFPA 13 and 13 R systems <25 $130
25-100  $195
101-1000 $325
Residential 13d system <25 $130
25-100 $195
101-1000 $260
Underground supply main (permitted separately)   $130
Building emergency radio coverage system   $130
Fixed fire suppression (hoods)   $ 95
Smoke control systems   $325 + third party costs
Specialized (non-water) suppression systems   $195
Review of revised plans   $120/hour (1/2 hour minimum)

Fire alarm and detection
Additional inspections are billed at $65 per hour with a minimum of 1.5 hours. Inspections outside of normal business hours are billed at $65 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.

Number of devices
< 25 $ 160
25-100 $ 225
101-1000 $ 300
Transmitter replacement only $65
Panel replacement only $65

Special permits
Burn permit—residential $35
Burn permit—large (commercial or land clearing) $130
Fireworks stand $100
Fireworks display event $165
Fuel Tank Removal/Decommissioning Permit $25
Special events $130
Other activities deemed hazardous within IFC $130

Planning & Land Division

Planning and land division fees are based on the Department’s hourly rate. When staff time multiplied by the hourly rate exceeds the base fee, the Department may invoice additional review fees at the hourly rate.
The planning fees listed below do not include SEPA review fees, when applicable.
Each application will also require upfront payment for the number of publications listed in the table. The Department will invoice additional publications if needed.

Required by RCW 19.27.085.
SCC 15.04.030, amending IBC/IRC Section 105.5, Expiration.
SCC 15.04.030, amending IBC/IRC Section 105.5, Expiration.
(limited to $100 per selling season by RCW 70.77.555)  

Planning Fees
Item Base Fee Publication Fees
Administrative Decision $840 2
Administrative Interpretation $840 2
Boundary Line Adjustment $300 0
Comprehensive Plan Amendment—Site-Specific Policy or Map Amendment or Rezone $5,040 0
Comprehensive Plan Amendment—General Policy Amendment  $0 0
Critical Areas Review $300 0
Critical Areas Review for Land Divisions $720 0
Development Agreement $5,040 0
Forest Practice Conversion $1,200 2
Forest Practices Conversion Option Harvest Plan $1,200 0
Forest Practice Moratorium Waiver—Administrative (Residential Use) $1,800 1
Forest Practice Moratorium Waiver—Hearing Examiner $1,800 2
Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA) Review $0 0
Land Use Review of Public Water System $250 + direct consultant costs if required  
Lot Certification—Administrative $60 0
Lot Certification—Reasonable Use Exception $300 2
Lot Certification—Standard $300 0
Modification of Land Use Approval $120/hour 0
Pre-Application Meeting $480* 0
Pre-Development Meeting $0 0
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit $4,080 4
Shoreline Variance/Conditional Use Permit/Map Amendment $4,080 4
Shoreline Letter of Exemption with Site Visit $480 0
Shoreline Letter of Exemption without Site Visit $240 0
Special Use Permit—Administrative $2,520 2
Special Use Permit—Temporary Manufactured Home $600 2
Special Use Permit–Hearing Examiner $3,000
Variance—Administrative $1,800 2
Variance—Hearing Examiner $4,080 3
Variance—Board of County Commissioners $4,080 2
Wireless Services Eligible Facilities Determination $120 0
* No hourly rate charged. Full credit will be applied to any complete project application submitted within six months of the meeting.

Land Divisions
Item Base Fee Publication Fees
Binding Site Plan (1-4 lots) $7,560 0
Binding Site Plan  (5-8 lots) $7,560 2
Binding Site Plan (9-50 lots) $7,560 3
Binding Site Plan (more than 50 lots) $7,560 3
Urban Reserve Development Permit (1-4 lots) $5,040 0
Urban Reserve Development Permit (5-8 lots) $8,520 2
Urban Reserve Development Permit (9 or more lots) $8,520 3
Final Plat Alteration $600 0
Final Plat Approval $240 per lot 2
Final Plat Approval for Binding Site Plans $240 per acre  
Short CaRD (4 or fewer lots) $3,000 0
Short Subdivision (4 or fewer lots) $3,600 0
Long CaRD (5 or more lots) $6,600 0
Long Subdivision – Administrative (5-8 lots) $5,040 4
Long Subdivision (9 or more lots) $7,080 4

SEPA Review

Item Base Fee Publication Fees
SEPA $600 2
(except for Comp Plan amendments)
SEPA Addendum $240  
Environmental Impact Statement Direct costs + staff coordination at hourly rate  

Water Source Review

Water source review fees are based on the department’s hourly rate. When staff time multiplied by the hourly rate exceeds the base fee, the Department may invoice additional review fees at the hourly rate.

Group A Water Systems
Sanitary survey $750
Community water system evaluation (building permit) $150
Non-community water system evaluation (building permit) $350
Evaluation (land division or land-use project) $400
Review of water system plan per CWSP (first 5 hours) $300
Well site inspection (public system) $400

Group B Water Systems
Building permit $350
Land division $400
Group B loan letter — file review only no field visit $150
Group B sanitary survey or loan letter with field visit $350
One year extension of water approval for building permits (no changes) $100
Group B annual operating permit $100
Residential two-connection approval $450
Well site inspection (public system) $400

Individual Well Site
Paperwork review only $150
Review with field visit $300
Evaluation for individual well with building permit or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) $275
Water supply review for development with 1 site visit, when individual wells first well $500;
each additional well $125

Other Fees
Individual water supply evaluation (alternative system) $450
Individual water supply evaluation (rainwater catchment) $450

A site-specific proposal is one that applies to a specific number of parcels which are in readily identifiable ownership or is in conjunction with an identifiable development proposal.

 For modification of existing wireless tower per Section 6409 (Wireless Facilities Deployment) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012


New design review $500
Repair design review $300
Redesign or renewal $250
Site evaluation $285
Multiple evaluations at same site minimum charge for first 2 sites $285
per site charge over 2 $100
New Tank permit $240
State Waiver Processing Fee $190
Appeal of Health Officer determination $750


Skagit County Public Works Department
Permit Fee Schedule
No Rate Increase for 2010

Effective Jan 1, 2009
Access Permits  
Residential Driveway
$ 107.48
Commercial Driveway
$ 397.69
$ 59.12
Storm Drain Installation
50 ft or less
$ 107.48
50 ft to 330 feet
$ 182.72
Over 330 feet
$ 349.32
Utility Installations
Class A Work
$ 102.11
< 25' trench outside pave
< 4sf pavement cut
< 6 utility pole
Class B Work
$ 300.96
25'-100' trench
4-15sf pavement cut
push, underground vaults,
splice pits
Class C Work
$ 795.38
>100' trench
>15sf pavement cut
attaching to bridge structure
open cut road crossing
Cutting pavement
less than 36 months
old; price per lineal foot
$ 21.50
Unopened County Right of Way
Right of Way Permit
$ 689.65
Trail Permit
$ 698.65
Temporary Use Permit
$ 429.94
Road Name
New Road Name
$ 107.48
Road Name Change
$ 300.96
Petition To Establish County Road
$ 698.65
Right of Way Vacation Petition
$ 349.32
Franchise Agreement
$ 892.12
$ 139.73
Special Use
Administrative Special Use
Drainage Plan Review
Land Subdivisions
$ 139.73
Short Plats
Per Lot
Planned Unit Developments
Mobile Home Parks
Binding Site Plans
Permit Review
$ 0.06
Per Sq. Ft.
Substantial Development Permits
Conditional Use Permits
Special Use Permits
Building Permits
Other Activities
Inspections Outside Normal
$ 139.37
Business Hours.
Per Hour
2 Hr. Min.
$ 102.11
Additional Plan Review or Inspection
$ 102.11
Required By Changes, Additions or
Per Hour
Revisions to Plans.
1/2 Hr. Min.
For Use of Outside Consultants For
Plan Review & Inspections or Both.
$ 102.11
Per Hour
Plus Consultant Fee