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Planning and Development Services

Community Planning

The Community Planning division of the Department is responsible for work on the Comprehensive Plan and its components and other legislative and long-range land use planning projects.

How to Comment

How to properly submit comments on the 2019 Docket legislative land use proposals.

Current Projects

Project Name Status Expected Completion
2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments Completed December 2018
2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments In Progress December 2019
2021 Comprehensive Plan Amendments In Progress December 2021
2020 Countywide Planning Policies Cleanup Completed July 2020
2020 Flood Damage Prevention Update Completed December 2020
Agtourism In Progress  
Capital Facilities Update Completed December 2018
Duration of Preliminary Approval of Short Subdivisions Completed February 2018
Latecomer's Agreements In Progress July 2019
Non-Motorized Trails in Industrial Forest Completed August 2017
Permit Procedures Update Workshops 2019
Setbacks Reform Research 2019
Shoreline Master Program Update In progress July 2019
Stormwater Code Update In progress September 2019

meetingHistorical Projects

  • Development Code Amendments