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2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Petitions for the 2018 Docket
The Growth Management Act provides that “each comprehensive land use plan and development regulations shall be subject to continuing review and evaluation” and requires Skagit County to annually accept petitions for amendments or revisions to our Comprehensive Plan. Skagit County implements this requirement through Skagit County Code Chapter 14.08, which describes the process for such annual amendments.

The following proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan policies, map, or development regulations were received by July 31, 2017, and are being considered for the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket. Additional County-initiated proposals may be added to this list before the Board of County Commissioners holds a public hearing on the 2018 docket this fall.

Citizen-Initiated Proposals

Number Petitioner Petitioner’s Description

Policy and/or Code Amendments

P-2 Roger Wechsler
(Samish Bay Cheese)

Amendment to the definition of “Agricultural Accessory Use” in Skagit County Code (SCC) 14.04.020(7) to include an allowance for limited food service that is incidental to the primary use (the farm) and serving products predominately processed on the farm.  Seating would be limited to 20 guests, and no conversion of farm land would be permitted to take place to support the food service.  No negative impacts to agricultural drainage infrastructure would be permitted.

Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map Amendments



Elizabeth Seume
(Quaker Cove Ministries)

Amend the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning designation of approximately 31 parcels totaling 25.69 acres from Rural Intermediate (RI) to Small Scale Recreation and Tourism (SRT).  The purpose of the requested amendment is to support the current use and proposed future expansion of Quaker Cove Camp and Retreat center.  The camp is located on Fidalgo Island adjacent to Gibralter Road.

County-Initiated Proposals: 2018 Docket

Comprehensive Plan Policy


Planning and Development Services (PDS)

Modify Comprehensive Plan Policy 4A-5.6
Modify the subject policy to reflect collaboration between Skagit County and Drainage Districts on plans and policies, including the inclusion of district’s capacities through the 2019 – 2024 Capital Facilities Plan update.  Incorporate levels of service (LOS) and projected needs of the Drainage Districts within the Non-County Capital Facility element.

Development Regulations – Skagit County Code (SCC)



Remove Extraneous Language for Home Based Businesses
Remove the following language from SCC 14.16.730(1): “Home-Based Business 2 and 3 require a special use permit, and are discussed in SCC 14.16.900.”



Modification of Permits
Develop code to provide the Administrative Official the authority to modify development permits or conditions of approval for minor revisions.  



Storage of Articles or Vehicles in Setbacks and Rights-of-Way
Move the prohibitions of SCC 14.16.850(5) to SCC 14.16.945 – Prohibited Uses. 



Admin Official Final Determination of Height in the AEO  
Add a requirement that the Admin Official has authority to make a final determination regarding building height restrictions in the Airport Environs Overlay zone.  



Delete Language in SCC 14.16 Regarding Property Value Impacts from Wireless Facilities
Remove the following language from SCC 14.16.720(9)(c): “Personal wireless service facilities shall be located and designed to minimize adverse impact on residential property values.”



Delete Language in SCC 14.16 Regarding Special Uses Complying with the Comprehensive Plan
Remove the following language from SCC 14.16.900(1)(v)(A):”…comply with the Comprehensive Plan.”



Delete the definition for Unclassified Use
Remove the definition of “Unclassified Use” in SCC 14.04.020.  The concept of unclassified uses was removed in a prior code update.



Correction to Master Planned Resort Designation
Remove language in SCC 14.16.900(1)(d) that refers to a Master Planned Resort as a Special Use, because it is a Comp Plan Map Designation.



Delete Delay for Issuance of Permits in the AEO
Remove the following language from SCC 14.16.210(4): “The Department must wait at least 10 days for the Port’s comments before approving the application.”



Delete Examples of Administrative Decisions
Remove the following language from SCC 14.06.040(4): “Examples include reductions of required landscape buffers, reductions of required parking or reduction of setbacks.” These examples are administrative variances.



Delete SCC 14.10.030(2)
Remove the following language from SCC 14.10.030(2): “An application for a variance may be accompanied by another permit application that depends on the variance, but the accompanying permit application may not be approved until the variance is approved.”



Modify Short Plat Alterations to be Level 1 Decisions
Modify SCC 14.18.200(8) and 14.06.050 to permit the alteration of short plats to be a Level 1 decision, rather than be reviewed by the BOCC.  



Amend SCC 14.06.150 to Modify Applicant Submission Requirements for Notification
Clarify the code to ensure consistent formatting is used when address and property owner information is submitted pursuant to SCC 14.06.150.  Consider options to the applicant submitting envelopes for mailing.



Add In-Patient Facilities Locations to Essential Public Facilities
Amend the table in SCC 14.16.600(2) to add regional and local in-patient facilities to BR-LI, BR-HI, and RFS. 



Add Primitive Campground to Rural Reserve
Amend 14.16.320 to add “primitive campground” as an admin special use. The zone contains more intense campground uses but not this ledd-intensive use. This change responds to a request from the Town of Concrete.



Remove Reference to Building Code in Setback Easements
Amend SCC 14.16.810(5) to remove the reference to the IBC for minimum building separation.



Modify Site Assessment Requirements for Liquefaction Hazard Areas
Modify SCC 14.24.410(3)(a) regarding liquefaction hazard areas to clarify and change when a site assessment or other mitigation measure is required.

Comprehensive Land Use / Zoning Map Amendments



PDS (deferred from 2017 Docket)

South Fidalgo Island Rural Residential Map Amendment
Amend the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning designation of approximately 4,736 acres from the Rural Reserve (RRv) to a new zone, the South Fidalgo Island Rural Residential (SF-RR). A new section is proposed in Skagit County Code 14.16 – Zoning to provide bulk and dimensional standards for the new zone.  Concurrent amendments to the Comprehensive Plan describing the policies and goals of the new zone will also be required.



OSRSI Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie Nation Forest Map Amendment
Amend the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning designation of 37 privately-owned parcels totaling approximately 2759 acres in the public Open Space of Regional / Statewide Importance (OSRSI), within the boundaries of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, to the Industrial Forest – Natural Resource Lands (NRL) or another private-property appropriate designation.  The amendment will be accompanied by the Mineral Resource Overlay (MRO) based on the designation criteria in Title 14.