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Physical and Mailing Address
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon WA 98273

Frequent Inquiries
General questions OR 360-416-1320
Burn permits 360-416-1840
Building inspection requests 360-416-1330
Permit application status Enter your permit number here
Stormwater questions
Water questions and revisions
Public comments How to comment on legislation and permit applications
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Staff Contacts by Topic
Topic Staff
Access Paul Erickson, 360-416-1429 (Public Works)
Application process Permit Technician
Boundary line adjustments Brandon Black, Kevin Cricchio
Building code Randy Johnson, Alvaro Fregoso, Henry Perez
Building permit application – process, cost estimate & timeframe Permit Technician
Burn permits Bonnie LaCount, Chris Bonsen
Cell towers (building permits) Permit Technician
Cell towers (SUP and eligible facilities) Kevin Cricchio
Code Compliance Tom Wenzl, Brian Schrader
Comprehensive Plan Robby Eckroth
Critical areas Leah Forbes, Kelsey Bellavance
Drinking water
Fill and Grade Shawn Christensen
Fire Inspections Bonnie LaCount, Chris Bonsen
Fireworks Permits Bonnie LaCount, Chris Bonsen
Fire investigation records Kim Adams
Fire, burning, fireworks Bonnie LaCount, Chris Bonsen
Flood Randy Johnson
Food safety Public Health Department Food Safety Program
Forest practices Kelsey Bellavance
Gravel/mining Leah Forbes, Kelsey Bellavance, Betsy Stevenson
Home-based business Brandon Black, Kevin Cricchio
Land use code Brandon Black, Kevin Cricchio
Land divisions Brandon Black, Kevin Cricchio
Legislation Robby Eckroth, Tara Satushek
Lot certification Jeanne Aungst, Deepti Khanna
Marijuana (i-502) Kevin Cricchio
Pre-Development/Application Meeting Kevin Cricchio
Property Research Permit Technician
Restaurants Public Health Department Food Safety Program
Revisions – Building Plans Randy Johnson, Alvaro Fregoso, Henry Perez
Revisions – Site Plans Deepti Khanna, Daniel Hasenoehrl
Rezones Robby Eckroth, Tara Satushek
SEPA Brandon Black (Zoning and Building), Betsy Stevenson (Natural Resources), Robby Eckroth, (Comprehensive Plan)
Septic Public Health Department, 360-416-1556
Setbacks (zoning) Permit Technician
Shorelines Leah Forbes, Betsy Stevenson, Kelsey Bellavance
Special uses Kevin Cricchio
Stormwater Shawn Christensen
Variances Kevin Cricchio

Staff Directory
First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Kim Adams Administrative Coordinator 360-416-1338
Pam Aldridge Permit Technician 360-416-1399
Jeanne Aungst Associate Planner 360-416-1348
Kelsey Bellavance Associate Planner 360.416.1334
Brandon Black Senior Planner 360-416-1326
Launa  Black Planning Systems Manager 360.416.1379
Chris Bonsen Deputy Fire Marshal 360-416-1843
Rachel Burr-Serrano Permit Tech 360.416.1320
Shawn Christensen Stormwater Review Technician 360-416-1327
Kevin Cricchio Senior Planner 360-416-1423
Rose Cummins Planning Systems Analyst 360.416.1396
Robby Eckroth Senior Planner 360.416.1328
Leah Forbes Senior Planner 360-416-1337
Alvaro Fregoso Plans Examiner 360-416-1325
Michelle Grace Permit Technician 360.416.1394
Susanna Handow Permit Technician 360-416-1349
Daniel Hasenoehrl Assistant Planner 360.416.1347
Eliot Hurd Building Inspector 360.416.1341
Randy Johnson Building Official 360-416-1321
Deepti Khanna Assistant Planner 360-416-1397
Bonnie LaCount Deputy Fire Marshal 360-416-1842
Erin Langley Senior Planner 360-416-1335
Rebecca Miller Permit Technician 360.416.1322
Jack Moore Director 360-416-1333
Henry Perez Plans Examiner 360.416.1346
Tara Satushek Senior Planner 360.416.2030
Brian Schrader Code Enforcement Officer 360-416-1395
Nicole Sciumbato Permit Tech 360.416.1320
Caitie Sheban Associate Planner 360.416.1331
Betsy Stevenson Senior Planner 360-416-1323
VACANT Senior Planner 360.416.2025
Bob Vanderlinden Building Inspector 360-416-1324 bobv@co.skagit.wa.uss
Andy Wargo Senior Planner 360.416.1319
Tom Wenzl Code Enforcement Officer 360-416-1340
Mike Wilson Permit Technician 360.416.1344