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Planning and Development Services


The Shoreline Management Act (SMA) and the Skagit County Shoreline Master Program (SMP) regulate shoreline uses and modifications within shoreline jurisdiction. This legislation is based upon a recognition that shorelines are limited resources and that these resources serve and support a broad and diverse range of activity. Skagit County’s SMP was originally adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on June 29, 1976, and received state approval on October 5, 1976. Amendments have been made to the SMP, most recently on July 10, 1995.

The existing Shoreline Master Plan contains policies that are part of the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations that are part of Skagit County Code. You can view the existing plan online. Shorelines of the State are listed in RCW 90.58. The shoreline area designation map may be viewed at the Department offices.

Current SMP regulations can be found here.

Skagit County is updating its 1970s-era shoreline regulations through a process called the SMP Update. You can find the DRAFT SMP documents here. Preliminary adoption by the Board of County Commissioners is expected in June 2019.