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2008-2009 Docket

Documents Posted 10/1/09

Project Description
The following proposals are docketed for public and agency review, and public hearings by the Skagit County Planning Commission in 2009:

Name of Proponent or Proposal Description of Proposal
William A. Stiles Jr. (File No. PL08-0455) Proposal to redesignate/rezone approx. 6.2 acres near Cook Road and I-5 from Rural Reserve (RRv) to Rural Freeway Service (RFS).
Richard S. Stockinger (File No. PL08-0460) Proposal to move approx. 4.3 acres of existing Rural Village Residential (RVR) designation/zoning within the Lake Cavanaugh Rural Village to two areas in closer proximity to the lake, currently in Secondary Forest-NRL (SF-NRL).
Andre Pomeroy (File No. PL08-0462) Proposal to add Mineral Resource Overlay (MRO) zoning to an 80-acre parcel, currently designated Industrial Forest-NRL (IF-NRL), Southeast of Marblemount, near the Cascade River Park development.
County-initiated: Master Planned Resort (MPR) Policy and Associated Regulatory Amendments Amend MPR policies and associated development regulations to further define certain terms and add additional criteria related to siting and scale of MPRs. Also conduct a comprehensive review of the County’s campground and resort policies and ordinances and how they relate to the MPR and Small Scale Recreation and Tourism (SRT) designations.
County-initiated: Privately-owned properties designated Public Open Space of Regional/Statewide Importance (OSRSI) Review privately held properties throughout the County currently zoned OSRSI for possible redesignation from ‘public’ zoning to more appropriate designation. 
County-initiated: Guemes Island Subarea Plan Review of Subarea plan submitted by Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee. 

On December 23, 2008, the Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution No. R20080573 (enclosed), establishing the 2008-2009 docket of annual Comprehensive Plan amendments for further review and public hearings by the Skagit County Planning Commission. The amendment proposals and issues to consider in this year’s docket are many and varied, including: review of the draft Guemes Island Subarea Plan review of Master Planned Resort, campground, and RV park policies and development regulations review of properties that may be inappropriately zoned as Open Space of Regional/Statewide Importance (OSRSI) and three citizen-initiated map-amendment proposals.

To the extent possible and as required by law, the County will conduct review of these issues simultaneously, but likely will conduct separate hearings to address specific issues. Ultimately, the Board of County Commissioners will make its decisions on these matters in a single ordinance, as state law allows (with few exceptions) only one opportunity per year to amend the Comprehensive Plan. This means that the Board may not make early and separate decisions on any of the proposals.

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News and Chronology of Events

The various proposals are currently being studied. After review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and the Growth Management Act (GMA), a combined SEPA/GMA report will be issued, and a schedule of public hearings will be established.
December 23, 2008: Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution No. R20080573, establishing the list of items to be reviewed under the 2008-2009 comprehensive plan amendment docket.
November 10, 2008: Board of County Commissioners held docketing hearing.


A schedule of meetings, comment periods, and public hearings will be announced. Likely, public hearings will begin in the spring. Check this page for updates.

Documents and Links

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