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Building and Land Use Code

Skagit County’s land use and building regulations are adopted by ordinance and codified as Title 14 and Title 15 of the Skagit County Code (“SCC”).

The Land Use/Development Code (Title 14)
Generally, allowed land uses are listed in SCC Chapter 14.16, Zoning. Access the Skagit County Code at the Code Publishing website.

The Building Codes (Title 15)
Skagit County has adopted by reference the same international building, residential, mechanical, plumbing, fire, and energy codes that are in use throughout the State of Washington. Skagit County Code 15.04.020 adopts these codes, but because the codes are copyrighted, you won’t find the regulations on our code website. Instead, you can view them here:

Alternatively, you can come into our office or visit your local library to browse the codebooks. SCC 15.04.030 lists our local amendments to the international codes.

Administrative Official Interpretations (“AOI”)
The Administrative Official (the Planning Director) is authorized by SCC 14.06.040 to make official interpretations of the land use code. The Department publishes a Notice of Decision upon issuance of an AOI. Aggrieved parties may appeal Administrative Interpretations within 14 days by following the process in SCC 14.06.110(7)–(14).
Procedural provisions and statements of policy do not require issuance of a formal AOI. A decision by the Administrative Official that the interpretation request does not require an AOI is final, does not require a Notice of Decision, and is not subject to appeal.

Recent Administrative Official Interpretations

· Siting Non-Ag Buildings in the Ag-NRL Zone (March 16, 2009; REVISED May 14, 2010)
· Siting Solid Waste Handling Facilities (March 16, 2009)
· Single-Family Dwellings in the Ag-NRL Zone (August 25, 2009; REVISED May 14, 2010)
· Renewable Energy Systems and Major Utility Developments (July 1, 2008)