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Concrete Nor'west Gravel Operation Near Grip Road

Special Use Permit Application PL16-0097

Concrete Nor'west has proposed a gravel mine operation near Grip Road. Gravel will be removed from the site by truck and trailer and transported to market or one of Concrete Nor'west's nearby facilities for processing. The site is accessed from Grip Road on an existing private gravel road. The subject site is located within the Rural Resource-Natural Resource Land zone and within the mineral resource overlay.

Because there were factual discrepancies in Concrete Nor’West’s application, project description, SEPA Checklist, traffic study, and fish & wildlife site assessment, Skagit County requested updated materials from the applicant.  Once Skagit County reviews the updated materials, it will issue a revised SEPA threshold determination for public comment and hearing.  Since certain neighbors were inadvertently excluded from the original notice list prepared by the applicant, Skagit County will update the list and ensure that proper notice is provided.  Subsequently, Skagit County will revise its Staff Report regarding the Special Use Permit.  A public comment period and hearing before the Hearing Examiner will follow. 

The next public hearing will be delayed until these additional studies and analysis are completed.

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