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balloonsComment on Permit Applications and Appeals

Planning and Development Services invites the public to submit comments about Permit Applications and Appeals.

Permit and subdivision applications and other types of land use applications are governed by the permit procedures in SCC Chapter 14.06. Various applications have different levels of review. Some permits are issued by staff; others require public hearings before the Hearing Examiner, who usually issues the decision. For a few types of applications, the Hearing Examiner may make only a recommendation for a decision by Board of County Commissioners.

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Please fill out the form below completely to comment on Permit Applications and Appeals.

Full Name
Mailing Address
Proposal Name or Permit Number

Please note: Any information submitted to Skagit County will be subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56)



Be prepared for public hearing
If there is a public hearing for the application, it will be noted in the Notice of Development Application and will occur before the Hearing Examiner. You will be asked to give your name and your address before you begin speaking.

Your comments should be clear and concise; if you need to refer to specific written documents you can place a paper copy into the box at the hearing. You don’t need to bring multiple paper copies.

Accessibility Notice

disabiltyAnyone who plans to attend a public hearing and has special needs or disabilities should contact the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners at
360 416-1300 at least 96 hours before the hearing to discuss and arrange any special accommodations.