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Skagit Aggregates Rockport Pit (PL20-0507)

Project Updates: The Notice of Development Application (NODA) was published December 8, 2022. The NODA public comment period closes at 4:30 p.m. on December 23, 2022. Instructions on how to comment are in the NODA. There will be additional opportunities to comment prior to a public hearing to be scheduled at a future date.
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Project Description: Skagit Aggregates, LLC filed an application for Special Use Permit (SUP) PL20-0507, to expand an existing gravel mining operation from an approximate 10-acre tax parcel, P123394, to the southerly 30-acre tax parcel, P44865, for a total of approximately 40 acres. The proposed expansion will remove an estimated 2,670,000 cubic yards of material in three phases.

The material will be processed on-site with a proposed crushing operation. No blasting will occur at the site. The existing and expanded mining operation will continue to generate 14 average daily truck trips, or 7 loads per day. The site is accessed from State Route (SR) 20 on an existing access road. The applicant also applied for a Forest Practice Conversion (FPC) permit, PL22-0435, to harvest timber on the southerly 30 acres to allow for the mining expansion. The subject site is located within the Rural Resource-Natural Resource Lands (RRc-NRL) and the Mineral Resource Overlay (MRO) zoning/comprehensive plan designated area.

Project Location: The subject site is unaddressed and located on the south side of SR 20, west of the town of Rockport, within a portion of the Northeast quarter of Section 28, Township 35 North, Range 9 East, W.M., (tax parcels P44865 (proposed gravel mine expansion tax parcel) and P123394 (existing gravel mine tax parcel).

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