Planning and Development Services

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Planning and Development Services

Director: Dale Pernula
About the Department
The Planning & Development Services Department is an administrative division of the County that reports to the Board of County Commissioners. Department functions include:
  • advising the Board of County Commissioners and other departments regarding the Comprehensive Plan, land use planning and policy, and growth management;
  • administering and enforcing the unified development code and building codes, including the fire code;
  • providing administrative support to the Planning Commission; and
  • performing environmental review pursuant to the State Environment Policy Act.

The department provides land use planning and permitting, code enforcement, and fire investigation and prevention functions.

The department’s director since 2012 is Dale Pernula, AICP. The director is responsible for:

  • the proper operation of the department;
  • employing, supervising, and dismissing department personnel;
  • issuing decisions as the Administrative Official pursuant to SCC Title 14;
  • issuing decisions as the SEPA Responsible Official pursuant to SCC Chapter 16.12;
  • providing administrative and technical assistance to the Planning Commission.

Building Official
The Building Official and Floodplain Manager since 2012 is Jack Moore, CBCO, CFM. The Building Official is directly responsible to the Director and for decisions as the Building Official pursuant to SCC Title 15.

Fire Marshal
The Skagit County Fire Marshal reports to the Planning Director.