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Edison Subarea Clean Water District


The Edison Subarea Board will hold its regular monthly   meeting on Wednesday, February 22nd at 5:00 pm.
Based on a recent revision to the County’s policy, the meeting will be held in person at Edison School 5801 Main St, Edison, WA 98232

If you have any questions, please call Greg Young of Ravenhead Municipal Services at (360) 410-8626, or one of the Edison Subarea Board members representing the town.





The rural village of Edison treats its domestic wastewater by using a septic tank effluent pumping system to a recirculating gravel filter with ultra violet disinfection to two drain-fields and an overflow wetlands infiltration trench. The County constructed the collection system, pump station, gravel filter facility, and drain fields in 1996 to address the Edison Slough and Samish Bay environmental hazards.

The entire collection system and drain-fields make up a Large On-site Septic System. Edison currently operates under a Washington State Department of Ecology discharge permit for effluent limits of Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Total Suspended Solids, fecal coliform, and pH. The treatment facility is located south of Edison Slough and east of the Edison School bus barn.

  • I want to purchase land, build a residence, or set up a commercial business WITHIN the subarea:
  • Contact Skagit County Planning & Development Services Department, (360) 416-1320 or e-mail 
  • I want to purchase land, build a residence, or set up a commercial business OUTSIDE the subarea:
  • Follow the Septic Permit Process or for more information contact the Skagit County Environmental Health Department, (360) 336-9474.
Current Projects in the Edison Subarea

Well Locations
Ecology is monitoring localized ground water in the area of the septic drain-fields for nitrates. Every month Ecology samples the wells for nitrates to check if groundwater is affected. Downgrades in groundwater quality could require the Edison Large On-Site Septic System to have additional treatment.

Edison Septic Ground Monitoring Map
Upgrades to the Edison treatment plant are on the way; new computer monitoring programs, flow meters, and a rain cover are being installed. These upgrades will allow the septic plant to operate more efficiently.

Edison Subarea Board

The Edison Subarea Board meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 5 pm in the Edison School at 5801 Main St, Edison. The Edison Subarea Board advises the County on operation of the Edison Large On-Site Septic System under Skagit County Code 12.64.

Contact Information

Greg Young, Ravenhead Municipal Services - Administration services for the Edison Subarea – handles topics for meeting agendas, budget, and administers the monthly meetings.
Mailing Address – P.O. Box 2216, Ferndale, WA  98248
Phone – 360/661-4902
E-mail –

Mike Tamman, The Drain Doctor – Operations and Maintenance contractor for property sites and pumping
Mailing Address - 14062 Hillwood Drive, Bow, WA 98232
Phone – 360/708-9674
Website –