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Solid Waste Division

Division Manager: Margo Gillaspy


Commercial / Residential
$ 105.00 / ton
Commercial (Exempt) $ 103.00 / ton
Municipalities $ 104.00 / ton

Washington State Refuse Tax of 3.6% will be added to Non-Exempt rates

MINIMUM CHARGE: $20.00 | 360 pounds


Roadside Litter $ 0.00 / ton
Only litter that is collected by non-profit organizations or public service organizations from public rights-of-way. Subject to prior approval.

Recyclable Materials $ 0.00 / ton
Materials from households consisting of entirely clean and separated recyclables in the following categories:

a. Glass: separated by colors (brown, clear, and green)
b. Metal Containers: separated by type (tin, aluminum)
c. Paper: separated by type (newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper)
d. Other Scrap Metals: all non-metal materials must be removed

White Goods (Appliances)
Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, humidifiers, etc: $25 each
Washing machines, dryers, stoves, hot water tanks, etc: $10 each

Only passenger car and light truck tires are accepted, must be separated.
Limit of 4 tires per load.
Charged at General Waste Rate.


The following waste Out-of-County waste streams are accepted at the Skagit County Recycling and Transfer Station:

Domestic waste from Whatcom County, which is collected by commercial haulers along State Highway 20 north of the Skagit County line.

Non-Exempt / Residential $103.00 / ton
Exempt $103.00 / ton

Waste generated in San Juan County and hauled pursuant to the terms of Skagit County Contract #C20130187, lnterlocal Agreement Between San Juan County, Town of Friday Harbor, and Skagit County regarding Receipt of Solid Waste

San Juan County Waste Municipalities Rate +
$7 .00 / ton Surcharge


Only residential wastes are accepted at the satellite collection sites.

Clear Lake Compactor Site $7.00 / 32 gal can or its equivalency
Sauk Transfer Station $103.00 / ton


a. Petroleum contaminated soils
b. Grease - food preparation wastes
c. Asbestos containing materials
d. Catalyst
e. Sod, seeds, bulbs, or sawdust
f. Hazardous, liquid, or chemical wastes

Direct to lntermodal Construction and Demolition Residual Materials
Pursuant to and subject to compliance with Skagit County Code 12.18.040, residual waste generated by the processing of construction and demolition debris at a permitted intermediate solid waste handling facility may be delivered directly (in a sealed intermodal container acceptable to the County) to an intermodal facility utilized by Skagit County for the transport and/or disposal of solid waste, contingent upon compliance by the intermediate solid waste handling facility with certain requirements, including:

The intermediate solid waste handling facility shall pay Skagit County a fee (and comply with audit and verification procedures) as follows:

Recycling Rate of 75% or better $35.00 / ton discount
($68.00 / ton)

In order to qualify for the above-stated discounted rate, a minimum recycling percentage of seventy~five percent (75%) must be maintained by the intermediate solid waste handling facility (the intermediate solid waste handling facility shall ensure that a minimum of seventy five percent [75%] of the construction and demolition debris materials received by the intermediate solid waste handling facility are processed and marketed for recycling or energy recovery, with no more than twenty five percent [25%] of incoming materials by weight being delivered to the intermodal facility for disposal).

Obtaining a discounted rate (as provided above) is subject to the intermediate solid waste handling facility complying with audit and verification policies and procedures to be established and adopted by the Director of Public Works, including auditing and verification of all information submitted to the County by the intermediate solid waste handling facility. Such audit and verification policies and procedures shall require the intermediate solid waste handling facility to provide a detailed accounting of materials processed and stored at the intermediate solid waste handling facility and shall be submitted to the County by the intermediate solid waste handling facility on or before the 5th day of each month.

Required information to be submitted by the intermediate solid waste handling facility shall include, but is not necessarily limited to, incoming waste volumes, incoming waste by weight, types and volumes of materials stored on-site, shipments of recyclable materials including material type, volume, and destination, and amount, type, and destination of materials marketed for energy recovery (and such other information that the Skagit County Public Works Department determines to be necessary or appropriate).

Street waste resulting from street and catch basin cleaning activities accepted by the County at the Skagit County Decant Facility. All Skagit County Decant
acility customers shall require pre-authorization by the County.

Vactor Waste $20.20 / ton
Sweeper Waste $49.70 / ton
De-Watered Solids $64.50 / ton


Acceptable wastes must be separated and delivered to the Skagit County Household / Moderate Risk Waste Facility.

Household Hazardous Waste: No Charge

Only Moderate Risk Waste from qualifying Small Quantity Generators is accepted.

All materials will be charged by container size, rounded up to 1 gallon increments.

Flammable Liquids

Flammable Liquids (Solvents) $3.00/gallon
Flammable Liquid Aerosols $1.00/Aerosol
Oil-Based Paints $4.00/gallon
Pesticides & Poisons  
Pesticide Aerosols $3.00/ Aerosol
Pesticides & Poisons $16.00/gallon
Corrosive Materials

Corrosive Material $18.00/gallon
Reactive Materials  
Includes Dangerous When Wet, Spontaneously Combustible, and Flammable Solid categories. Reactives will be accepted only on a case-by-case .basis, as decided by the Hazardous Waste Specialist.
Reactive Material $38.00/gallon
Oxidizing Materials  
Oxidizing Material $20.00/gallon
Organic Peroxides  
Due to the potentially shock sensitive nature of these materials, organic peroxides will be accepted only on a case-by-case basis, as decided by the Hazardous Waste Specialist.
Organic Peroxides $38.00/gallon
Solid Organic Resins, Tars, Adhesives, Paints, etc.
Solid Organics $10.00/gallon
Antifreeze .50/gallon
Motor Oil  
Motor Oil, Uncontaminated .50/gallon
Mercury-Containing Lamps  
Florescent Lamps .1 O / linear foot
Compact Florescent Lamps .50 / bulb
HID Lamps $1.00 / lamp
Unclassified Wastes  
For chemical waste streams not directly correlated to the above classes, disposal rates will be based on treatment technology and handling requirements as follows:
Class I $ 6.00/gallon
Class II $ 12.00/gallon
Class III $18.00/gallon
Class IV $ 24.00/gallon
Class V $ 30.00/gallon
Class VI $ 36.00/gallon


Small Quantity Generator (Business waste) - call (360) 416-1570

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