Solid Waste Division

Division Manager: Margo Gillaspy
Solid Waste Management

New hours start Jan. 1, 2017, at Clear Lake recycling site

A new schedule for the Skagit County Clear Lake Recycling and Compactor site begins Jan. 1, 2017.

Currently, the facility is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Monday, and on Wednesdays. Starting in 2017, the site will not operate on Wednesdays – Just Friday through Monday.

Customers who need to dispose of waste Tuesday through Thursday can take household garbage, recycling and selected hazardous materials to the Skagit County Recycling and Transfer Station, 14104 Ovenell Road.

The Clear Lake facility accepts household garbage (at a rate of $6 per 32 gallons), free household recycling, and up to 5 gallons of used motor oil and antifreeze.

Find more information about Skagit County solid waste and recycling programs online at For questions or more information, please contact Margo Gillaspy at or 360-416-1441.

Litter Crew in Operation

The crew is focused on citizen litter complaints, illegal dump sites, and cleaning County road right of way.  Should you know of specific areas that need attention please call the Litter Hotline (360)416-1573

About Solid Waste Management

Solid waste or garbage is hauled by rail to Roosevelt Regional Landfill in Klickitat County, Washington. Recycled materials which are collected separately at three sites are transported to a variety of local companies for further processing. Household Hazardous Waste and moderate risk waste (from local businesses) is collected at the Skagit County Recycling and Transfer Station Collection Facility where it is packed and shipped for recycling or storage in a hazardous waste landfill.

Paint Update | Flyer

What is Latex Paint?
Look on the can for key words, ‘water based,’ ‘soap and water clean up.’ Oil based paint will have key words, ‘alkyd,’ and ‘clean up using solvents.’

How to solidify (dry) Latex Paint

Small amounts (less than 1 inch): Remove lid and paint will dry.
Large amounts: Mix 50/50 with kitty litter, sawdust, or shredded paper or mix in a commercial paint hardener like ‘Waste Away.’
Paint is dry enough when it has an oatmeal-like consistency and will not spill out of can.

How to dispose of solidified (dry) Latex paint
Remove the lid and throw away with your garbage
Do not throw away ANY liquid paint or paint cans with lids intact
Research shows latex paint/stains can safely be placed into the garbage if they are solidified (dry)

Facility Locations:

  • Skagit County Recycling and Transfer Station
    14104 Ovenell Road, Mount Vernon
    8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Closed: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
    Located at Skagit County Recycling and Transfer Station
    * If you are a small business, we have a Small Quantity Generator program just for you!

  • Sauk Recycling & Transfer Station
    50796 State Route 20, Concrete
    9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    Closed: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

  • Clear Lake Recycling & Compactor Site
    23159 Howey Road, Clear Lake
    8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    Closed: New Year's Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Explore our list of yard waste facilities in Skagit County to find out which one best fits your needs.

Our litter crew works to keep the County clean. To report illegal dumping, please call (360) 416-1573.

Composting is a way to turn yard and garden waste into humas, which is used in enriching soil for gardening. Read more about the benefits of using compost by clicking on the link above.

Interlocal Cooperative Agreement Between Skagit County and Cities and Towns in Skagit County for Solid Waste Management (Pdf)