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Division Manager: Margo Gillaspy

Welcome to Solid Waste Advisory Committee information site

The Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) consists of 13 voting members representing Skagit County's eight cities and towns, Recyclers, Haulers and Commissioners' Districts 1, 2 and 3 and three non-voting members. Together, members of the SWAC advise Skagit County on all aspects of solid waste management planning, assist Skagit County in the development of solid waste management programs and policies, and review and comment on proposed solid waste management rules, policies or ordinances prior to their adoption. The SWAC meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

Currently, the SWAC is in the process of reviewing Skagit County’s current Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

Seeking Representatives
A change in State law (signed by the Governor on March 31, 2016) now requires a representative of the agricultural community to be included on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee. If you are a member of the agricultural community and are interested in assisting county officials in developing programs and policies concerning county-wide solid waste management, we would like to invite you to join the Solid Waste Advisory Committee. We are also looking for a citizen to represent Commissioner District #3. Representatives serve one-year terms.

If you are interested, please submit your name, address, telephone number, and a brief statement of your interest to the below address.

Margo Gillaspy, Solid Waste Division Manager
Skagit County Public Works
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Or email to:

2017 Skagit County SWAC Appointments

Voting Members Representing
Vacant Haulers
Brian Dempsey City of Burlington
John Doyle Town of La Conner
Matt Koegel City of Anacortes
Andy Hanson City of Mount Vernon
Leo Jacobs City of Sedro-Woolley
Todd Reynolds Recyclers
Torrey Lautenbach District 1 Citizens
Tamara Thomas District 2 Citizens
Vacant District 3 Citizens
Vacant Town of Lyman
Vacant Town of Hamilton
Vacant Town of Concrete
Vacant Agricultural Representative
Ex officio Members Representing
Margo Gillaspy Skagit County Public Works
Britt Pfaff-Dunton Skagit County Public Health
Diana Wadley Department of Ecology

Management Plan History and Purpose
The Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (CSWMP) was prepared to provide a guide for solid waste activities in Skagit County. This CSWMP addresses solid waste management throughout Skagit County.

The cities had the option to develop their own plan, but chose to participate in the County’s planning process. The various Tribes in Skagit County also have the option to develop their own plans. This CSWMP was prepared through a team effort involving the Skagit County Department of Public Works and the Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC). The SWAC members represent not only the interests of their respective agencies and businesses, but as residents and members of the community they also represent the public’s interest.

CSWMP Informational and Background Documents
The SWAC recently completed its process of updating Skagit County’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

CSWMP Agendas & Minutes

All agendas and meeting minutes will be posted to this page, as available. SWAC meetings are open to the public and always provide time for public comment

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