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Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

Skagit County Zero-Waste Events

Skagit County Zero-Waste Events is a comprehensive program facilitating recycling, composting and waste reduction at public and private events.
Our program offers:

  • Logo certification and promotion
  • Free borrowing of portable waste bins and signs
  • Technical assistance

Eligible events include conventions, festivals, sporting events, farmers markets, expos, fairs, galas, family reunions, church functions, weddings, meetings, and conferences.

What is a Zero-Waste Event?

A Zero-Waste Event is a public or private event that meets the criteria for either our silver or gold certification levels for waste reduction. When you register your event with us, you become eligible to display one of our logos on your promotional materials to help promote your green event.

SILVER Zero-Waste Events use waste reduction techniques, offer recycle bins, and incentivize vendor composting for food prep scraps.

GOLD Zero-Waste Events add food scrap collection, controls on vendor or organizer-supplied utensils and packaging, and grease collection.

Waste Bins
Participating events may borrow ClearStream folding recycle bins to collect recyclables or compostables at their events. Silver events may borrow our dual recycle-landfill waste stations with mini billboard signage, while gold events can borrow our triple recycle-compost-landfill waste stations with larger billboard signage.

Easy Waste Bin Transportation

Smaller events
can pick up bins in the back of a car—the ClearStream folding frames and nesting lids make them easy to transport. You’re responsible for setup and returning bins to our Mount Vernon offices at the agreed return time, usually the next business day.

ClearMax recycling container for on-the-go recycling. Perfect for event recycling.

Larger events
receive free delivery of a cargo trailer with all the appropriate bins and bin carts for deploying bins across your event. You’re responsible for setup and returning bins to the trailer.

ClearMax recycling container for on-the-go recycling. Perfect for event recycling.

Bin Signage
Why should I make my event Zero-Waste?
  • Its the law. RCW 70.93.093 requires recycling at official gatherings and sports facilities.
  • It reduces global warming. Nearly 80% of waste from public events is food waste, which releases significant amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, as it decomposes in a landfill. Learn more about the environmental costs of organics in landfills.
  • It saves money. In 2009, the Anacortes Arts Festival cut their garbage bill in half, from $6,000 to $3,000, through participation in the Zero-Waste Events pilot program. Additionally, the Festival avoided a $5,000 fine for improper grease disposal by providing grease collection drums for biodiesel production.
  • It promotes your event! You can display our Zero-Waste Event gold or silver logos on your promotional materials.
How do I get started?
Give us a call! Call our Zero-Waste Events staff at (360) 416-1570 or email with your phone number and a convenient time to call. We'll talk you through registration with our program, reservation of recycling bin borrowing, and answer any questions you have.

More Resources:

  • Our own Guide to Hosting a Zero-Waste Event (we'll also mail you a copy of this after you call us to register your event), which explains how to get started, includes tips, and checklists, and additional resources and supplies
  • Template Vendor Letter to send to any food vendors at your event to ensure your event meets our packaging requirements