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Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative


County Commissioner Resolutions

  • Climate Action Resolution: On June 24, 2008, the Skagit County Commissioners approved resolution R20080304 directing county departments to take action to reduce energy, fuel, and resource consumption; setting specific goals for regional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; and creating a citizen task force to advise county government on policies, programs, and regulations needed to achieve those goals.
  • Taskforce Appointments: Initial resolution appointing Taskforce members R20080583 with follow-ups R20090043, R20090098
  • Resource Conservation: resolution directing development of a plan for daily operations R20090167
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory: contract C20090379 accepting a $15,302 grant from the Northwest Clean Air Agency to conduct a GHG inventory

Resources for County Departments

Climate Science

Climate Action Policies & Plans