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Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

ARRA Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
Skagit County received a formula allocation of $495,100 through the federal Department of Energy from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction initiatives. Consistent with the Administration’s recovery act transparency goals, Skagit County is making an unprecedented amount of information about our grant available on the web.

Sustainability Office
Skagit County opened the Sustainability Office to institutionalize energy efficiency and renewable energy as a priority, and to coordinate energy efforts throughout the local government and the community. more
Small Conservation Projects
Skagit County will use grant funds to implement energy, fuel, and natural resource conservation measures. more
Event Recycling & Bin Lending Program
The Zero-Waste Events program encourages and reduces barriers to recycling at public events by encouraging material conservation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving energy. more
Public Facilities Recycling Bins
Skagit County has purchased recycling and waste bins for its office buildings and for facilities that are open to the public, including the courthouse and administration buildings, and its parks. more
Supplemental Funding for SCOG RCM Program
Skagit County has partnered with eight other jurisdictions through the Skagit Council of Governments to hire a Resource Conservation Manager to analyze electricity and fuel consumption. more
Vehicle Fleet Review

Skagit County hired a consultant to recommend new, more fuel-efficient vehicles to replace existing vehicles, new practices and management techniques to use existing vehicles more efficiently, and other ways to reduce fuel and energy consumption . more

Skagit Clean Energy Challenge

The Skagit Clean Energy Challenge is a holistic approach to assessing and reducing the environmental footprint of single-family homes in Skagit County. more

Climate Stewards

To increase outreach efforts by the Sustainability Office and improve the coordination with local community organizations, the County funded the Padilla Bay Foundation to administer the Climate Stewards program. more

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