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Skagit County Clerk: Mavis Betz


This Confidential Intermediary ("C.I.") list is to provide the public a list of independent C.I.s who have met minimum qualifications and have been approved by the Skagit County Superior Court Judges to act in this capacity for the Skagit County Superior Court.

Skagit County Superior Court has no supervisory, or contractual relationship with the C.I. listed. Skagit County Superior Court, the Skagit County Superior Court Clerk or any of the employees for the Court or Clerk assume any responsibility or liability for the actions of any person for injury or damage caused by or resulting from the actions of a C.I. selected from this list. However, being on this list does not relieve from or lessen the responsibility or liability of the C.I. Or supervising Agency for injury or damage resulting from work performed by the C.I.

A person may submit a written complaint regarding a C.I. to the Court Administrator. Please specify the conduct and grounds for the complaint. Sanctions are available to the Court for inappropriate conduct by a C.I. including removal from the Skagit County Superior Court C.I. list.
Send complaints to:
Skagit County Court Administrator
Courthouse Room 202
205 W. Kincaid
Mount Vernon, WA 98273