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Skagit County Clerk: Melissa Beaton


The Skagit County Clerk's Office has been designated an Approved Passport Acceptance Facility.

If you need to apply for a new passport, pick up forms to renew an existing passport, or report one as lost or stolen, we can help.

Passport processing hours are from 8:30am to 4:00pm
No appointment necessary.


US Passport Book

Adults (age 16 and over) First Time $110, plus $35 execution fee for a total of $145.

Adults (applying with DS-82) Renewal $110, no execution fee, for a total of $110.

Minors (under age 16) $80, plus $35 execution fee for a total of $115

US Passport Card

Adults (age 16 and over) First Time $30, plus $35 execution fee for a total of $65.

Adults (applying with DS-82) Renewal $30, no execution fee, for a total of $30.

Minors (under age 16) $15, plus $35 execution fee, for a total of $50.

Expedite Processing - Book or Card - $60
Overnight Delivery Return Fee - Book Only - $16.48

The passport card is designed for the specific needs of border resident communities and is not a globally interoperable travel document as is the traditional passport book. The passport book is the appropriate travel document for most international travel.

Customer's applying for passport book and passport card at the same time only pay one execution fee of $35 to Skagit County Clerk.

Execution fee paid by credit/debit card, cash or money order only. No checks.

For expedited services the fee is $60 per application.

Passport applications, forms and information can be downloaded here.

To facilitate the application process, please be prepared to spend at least 20 minutes in our office, and have the following items with you:

For a new application, or replacement of a lost or stolen passport
EVERY person, regardless of age MUST appear in person to obtain a passport!!!

  • Proof of citizenship: This can be one of the following: Certified Birth Certificate (no photo copies); previous US Passport; Naturalization Certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad; or Certificate of Citizenship.
  • Proof of identity: Previous US Passport; Certificate of Citizen ship; Naturalization Certificate; current & valid driver's license; or current military, government, ID.
  • Social Security Number: This is required by the State Department. No passports will be issued without this number
  • TWO passport photos. These must be identical 2"x2" Color only.
    No snap shots. No School pictures.
  • The application fee. Fees are payable in check or money order only - No Cash, No Credit Cards, No Debit Cards!

If the applicant is a child under the age of 16, both parents, or the child’s legal guardian(s) must appear with the child and present:

  • Evidence of the child’s U.S. citizenship.
  • Evidence of the child’s relationship to parents/guardian(s), AND
  • Parental identification.

For a renewal (we have the forms, you complete and mail)
You must be able to answer “yes” to all of the following four questions.
If you cannot answer “yes” to all four questions, you must complete a new application (see above).
  • Can you submit your most recent U.S. passport, to be sent in with the renewal?
  • Were you at least 16 years old when your most recent U.S. passport was issued?
  • Was your most recent U.S. passport issued less than 15 years ago?
  • Do you use the same name as on your most recent U.S. passport? Or, can you submit proper documentation (marriage license, or court order) to reflect your name change?
    In addition, you will need:

Your passport and original documents will be returned to you in approximately 6 weeks. There is an “Expedite” service available for an additional $60 per passport, that will shorten this time to approximately 2 weeks.

*Photographs must be sufficiently recent to be a good likeness of you, 2x2 inches in size, and with a light backgrounds. It must be taken in normal street attire, without a hat or dark glasses. Do not wear camouflage. There are several places in Mount Vernon that take passport specific photos and will know the requirements. There are a few more than just what is listed here.

For more information please visit the U.S. Department of State Passport Services and Information or, contact us.