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Document Format Requirements

All pleadings, motions, and other papers presented for filing with the clerk shall comply with GR 14 in that all original documents filed shall be clear, legible, permanent, and printed or typewritten in black or dark blue ink on letter-size paper (8-1/2 by 11 inches). The writing or printing shall appear on only one side of the page. Papers filed shall not include any colored pages, highlighting or other colored markings. This rule also applies to attachments unless the nature of the attachment makes compliance impractical (large maps, birth/death certificates, original recorded documents that may be double-sided, etc.).

Original documents that are not readable by the scanner (appearance of lightened or shadowed font, images, or entirety of document) will have a stamp affixed by the clerk showing it was of poor quality for scanning purposes. 

Document Filing Standards

A document should be submitted once, either in paper format or electronically using e-submission, as to avoid duplication of the document in the court file.

Every pleading shall contain a caption setting forth the name of the court, the title of the action, the file number if known to the person signing it, and an identification as to thenature of the pleading or other paper. No documents shall be submitted for filing with more than one case number. However, if we were to receive documents with multiple case numbers in the caption, attorneys shall submit duplicate originals for each case number cited. Case numbers for each file shall be designated by circling the appropriate case number. Where there are multiple case numbers and no duplicate originals provided, the Clerk shall place the document only in the first case number designated.

Documents must be filed in such a manner as to assist the clerk to distinguish one document from others for proper docketing and placement within the file. An example of acceptable means of separating documents is by using a binder clip on large documents or by using one staple per document (do not separate by stapling or paperclipping sub-documents within if the intention is to include those within the one document). Separating documents by using paperclips is not preferred as pages can easily escape the enclosure during normal clerical processing as frequently happens when documents are filed in open court.  Every separated, titled, and filed document will be processed on its own merits. Should multiple documents be bundled together without separation, only the top titled and filed document will be docketed into the file with any following pages included.

Right to Decline for Filing

The clerk may refuse to accept any document for filing that is not presented in proper form as required by state court rule or local practices.

After a document is received and accepted by our office whether over the counter, mail, or e-submission, it becomes part of the court record and custody of the clerk’s office and will not be returned, unless otherwise specified in statute.

See GR 14.

See CR 10.
3 A clerk is not ethically able to decide the filer’s intentions regarding the demarcation of pages amongst documents that are not separated as the integrity of the presented document should be maintained.

4 See CR 5.

Revised 3/6/01