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Director | County Engineer: Grace Kane P.E.

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Josh Wilson Road – Phase 1 Project | Completed April 22, 2022

Josh Wilson Road – Phase 1 Project: Closure Update

Road Closure Josh Wilson Road: Will remain closed to traffic until the evening of Tuesday, September 21st between Avon Allen Road and Jensen Lane:

  • The contractor will begin paving the roadway on Monday 9/20 thru 9/24 at Josh Wilson Road.
  • Josh Wilson Road will be open to 2-lane traffic on the evening of Tuesday, September 21st and will remain open to 2-lane traffic in the evenings until the completion of the project on October 1, 2021.
  • During the day Josh Wilson Road will be flagged with 1-lane traffic only beginning the day on Wednesday, September 22 until the completion of the project.

Project Description
Skagit County has contracted with Interwest Construction Inc. for the Josh Wilson Road – Phase 1 Project. The project will consist of reconstructing a portion of Josh Wilson Road from Avon Allen Road to the west of Jensen Lane (1.1 miles), widening of the existing roadway (11-ft wide travel lanes with 4-ft shoulders) to meet current County road standards (12-ft wide travel lanes with 8-ft shoulders). Project will also stabilize road base, replace an existing culvert, and the addition of guardrail along both sides of road.

Funding Sources:

  • FHWA Surface Transportation Program (SCOG)      $1,342,552
  • Rural Arterial Program (CRAB)                                  $1,000,000
  • Skagit County Road Fund                                          $1,900,000

Total Project Cost:                                                      $4,242,552

Project Update as of July 30, 2021:

Full Road Closure Schedule:
Full road closure will begin on or around August 9th through September 17th, 2021 for the following construction activities: 

  • Installing temporary traffic signs & devices in the area
  • Transferring overhead utilities
  • Removal of existing pavement, grading roadway
  • Placing streambed gravel, gravel base, and crushed surfacing
  • Installing new storm filtration system, catch basins, culverts, and guardrail
  • Hot mix asphalt paving and striping the roadway
  • Removal of a failing arched corrugated metal pipe
  • Installation of precast concrete box culvert and retaining walls to improve drainage.

Full road closure is necessary during construction to allow adequate space for the contractor to install the various project elements. Although the road closure is a few days longer than originally planned the overall inconvenience of construction is much shorter.
The Detour Routes for the road closure will be Avon Allen Road and Farm to Market Road.

  • Local access for residents near and on Michael Place will be able to access off Josh Wilson Road from Avon Allen Road.
  • Local access for residents near and on Jensen Lane will be able to access off Josh Wilson Road from Farm to Market Road.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the County was not allowed to conduct an open-house meeting for the public as planned.
Work Completed:

April 19th through May 7th the contractor installed the preload embankment along the north side of the road to ensure a stable road base, see exhibit below:

  • By importing and place gravel base material just north of the shoulder.
  • Install Pre-Cast Concrete Barriers along the north shoulder of Josh Wilson Road.


  • From May through July the contractor has been surveying, documenting, and monitoring the thirteen (13) settlement plates weekly throughout the site to determine the amount of settlement. The settlement period will be completed the week of August 1st.

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