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Grace Kane P.E.

Bow Hill Road Reconstruction

Concrete -Sauk Valley Road

Farm to Market Road / Josh Wilson Road Intersection Improvements

Francis Road Reconstruction: Section 1

Garden of Eden Rd/Willard Creek Culvert

2021 HMA Overlay Project

Josh Wilson Road: Phase 1

North Shore Drive Roadway Repair

Sinclair Dock Replacement

Sinclair Island Marine Access

Upper Finney Creek Bridge
(Seismic Retrofit)

Sinclair Island Marine Access
Project Number ES40160-3

Project Description
This project intends to provide and restore public marine access to Sinclair Island utilizing existing Skagit County right-of-way that accesses the beach.

The previous public dock and gangplank structures on Sinclair Island were heavily damaged during concurrent storm events in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, these facilities were determined to be unsafe by a structural engineer. Because of this evaluation, the dock and gangplank have been closed, secured and fenced-off for public safety. No Trespassing signs have been posted.

In 2019, a preliminary engineering assessment revealed that a replacement of the dock and gangplank would cost between $1.8M and $3.3M.

There are approximately 70 property owners on Sinclair Island.

Skagit County continues to seek a cost-effective alternative access to the island.  We have identified a potential design for a marine access/boat ramp and are currently in the feasibility phase to identity locations that include publicly owned lands that would be conducive for this type of installation/access.

Project Schedule
Winter of 2021:  Complete feasibility study. 

Attempting to secure additional design and construction funds.

Funding Sources

  • Not currently funded

For more information, contact:
Sonny Andrew – Project Manager
(360)416-1400 /


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