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Assistant County Engineer | Engineering Division Manager
Thomas Weller, P.E.



County and Private Roads

What are the requirements to establish
a private road to a public road?

Public Works has a database with information about the roads within Skagit County. The roads are sorted by road name with their number, from and to milepost, function class, pavement type, pavement width, the year it was paved, left shoulder width, right shoulder width, shoulder type, section, township, range and the right-of-way width of the road.

County Road List [pdf]

Private Road List [pdf]


BMP - Beginning Mile Post
EMP - Ending Mile Post
FFC - Federal Function Class
ROW - Right-Of-Way Width (ft)


00 - Private
07 - Major Collector
08 - Minor Collector
09 - Local Access


16 - Minor Arterial
17 - Urban Collector
19 - Local Access