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Assistant County Engineer | Engineering Division Manager
Thomas Weller, P.E.

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The Design and Construction sections provide engineering, design, and construction administration for Capital projects. Responsible for the projects from inception and funding through engineering, design, construction and contract administration, and on to closeout. Capital projects are established by County Road Projects (CRP) resolution and are typically funded by the County Road Fund, or they can be funded by other funding sources such as state and federal grants. Engineering also partners with Drainage Utility, Natural Resources, Parks, etc., on projects with the County right-of-way on a reimbursable cost basis.

  • Design Process
    • Skagit County projects go through several phases of design before the project is approved for construction:
      • 30% (Geometric)
      • 60% (General Plan Set)
      • 90% (Plans, Specs & Estimates)
      • 100% (Ad Ready PS&E)
    • Internal review of the design is performed after each stage has been completed.
    • The PS&E (Plans, Specifications and Estimate) are signed by the County Engineer and routed to the Board of County Commissioners for approval to advertise for bid.

  • Design Standards
    • Any project that is funded in whole or part with federal funds must adhere to the current WSDOT design manual.
    • Other projects must adhere to the most current version of the Skagit County Road Standards

  • CAD Standards
    • Skagit County has developed county specific CAD Standards. The Skagit County CAD Standards are available on request.

  • Bidding Process
    • Once the design has been completed and approved for construction, the project is advertised for bid. This procedure follows state and federal guidelines to ensure fair and competitive bidding of the project. Depending on the funding source, the project is either advertised for a minimum of 14 or 21 days. A televised public bid opening will occur on the first Monday following the minimum advertisement.

  • Award Process
    • After the bids have been reviewed for any errors and irregularities, the project is typically awarded by the Board of County Commissioners to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. After the bid has been awarded, the contract documents can then be sent to the contractor for their signature. After the County has received all of the required documentation, the contract is presented to the Board of County Commissioners for execution.

  • Construction Oversight
    • After the contract has been signed by both the contractor and the Board of County Commissioners, the real construction work begins. This involves many tasks and is the most visible portion of the project. Some of the tasks that are performed by county staff during a project are:
      • Monitoring the construction budget and schedule
      • Construction inspection
      • Dispute resolution
      • Materials inspection and approval
      • Utility coordination
      • Addressing public concerns/Public outreach

  • Contract administration
      • During the Construction phase of a project, there are a number of tasks associated with the administration of the contract, some of those tasks are:
      • Ensuring that the proper wage rates are paid
      • Managing state and federal grants
      • Preparing payment to the contractor

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Assistant County Engineer | Engineering Division Manager
Thomas Weller, P.E.

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