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Assistant County Engineer | Engineering Division Manager
Thomas Weller, P.E.



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Skagit County Fish Passage Improvement Program

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Responsible for preliminary research, data compilation and maintenance, and preliminary design of projects until established as a CRP as well as the various grant programs, grant applications, programmatic functions, and other items associated with transportation planning and initial project planning and scoping. Responsible for right-of-way vacations and some easements. In some instances, also responsible for right-of-way acquisition. This Section is also responsible for preparing CRAB and WSDOT statutory and other reports, traffic investigations and studies, Mobility database management and asset inventory, pavement management and traffic count programs, right-of-way vacations, bridge inspection program, service requests, certain permits, traffic safety coordination, crash documentation, also responsible for right-of-way acquisition.

Pavement Management: An analytical model providing information on which Skagit County roadways should be paved.

Transportation Planning: Long range (20 year) and short range (6 year) studies of the County transportation system with recommended safety and capacity improvements.

Transportation Plans

Skagit County Public Works is in the process of compiling proposed projects for the 2024 – 2029 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  We invite the public’s input and comments. You can comment using our online form here.

Planning Commission Presentation October 24, 2023 | Transcript | Video

Annual Construction Program

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Transportation Programs

Transportation Funding
(Out of County funding and administration.)

Skagit County Traffic Count Data

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Assistant County Engineer | Engineering Division Manager
Thomas Weller, P.E.

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