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Skagit County is in the process of developing an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Transition Plan to guide when and where mobility improvements need to be made. Our staff is conducting an inventory of current pedestrian facilities throughout the entire county to find gaps in and barriers to accessibility.

The development of a comprehensive ADA Transition Plan also requires feedback from community members just like you! To gather this feedback, the County is conducting an online survey to better understand your mobility experiences.

Project Overview

An ADA transition plan is one of the federally mandated requirements for state and local governments under Title II of the ADA.

This plan focuses on pedestrian facilities in the County's Public Right-of-Way including curb ramps, sidewalks, crosswalks, and signal push buttons. Through the development of this plan, Skagit County will inventory existing pedestrian facilities, identify barriers and obstacles which limit accessibility, determine criteria for the prioritization of barrier removal, and set a schedule for the removal of barriers.

How to get involved

Your Voice Guides Your Community Investment! Complete the survey below to have your voice heard. Regardless of whether or not you have difficulty walking around the county, we would like to hear from you regarding our pedestrian facilities and any issues you have encountered.

Note: Please leave your contact information blank if you would like to submit your answers anonymously.

Online Reporting Tool

We'd like to know where you are experiencing barriers to travel on our County's sidewalks and pedestrian paths. Do you have a specific location that makes travel difficult for you or prevents you from accessing programs or activities? Please take a moment and tell us more about that location. Use the Online Reporting Tool to provide your feedback.

For more information:

Given Kutz
ADA Transition Plan Project Manager
(360) 416-1424