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Geographic Information Services
Director: Geoff Almvig

Due to departmental changes, the GIS Department is not available for public access without an appointment. If you have map or rural addressing questions,  please contact us at the numbers listed below.

  • For mapping questions, call: 360-416-1168
  • For addressing questions, most address services can be handled online on the County Address Management page.  To talk with the County Address Coordinator, call: 360-416-1141 (Tuesday - Friday) or 360-416-1168 (Mondays only).

Welcome to the Skagit County Geographic Information Services (SCGIS)
The Geographic Information Services (GIS) office is a centralized service center that provides mapping and GIS services to meet the business needs of our partners, customers, and clients within Skagit County and the communities we serve. This includes providing support and maintenance in the areas of data conversion, cartography, remote sensing, computer graphics and visualization, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), database design, software development, address system maintenance, and 911-database maintenance.

Pre-made Maps
Map Gallery
An extensive gallery of maps that have been prepared by us.

Street Atlas | Topographic Atlas | Topographic Maps | Assessor Maps

Interactive Maps
iMap is an Internet Map Service (IMS) that allows interactive viewing of Skagit County geographic information. (Please note: iMap is not designed to run on mobile devices.)

An interactive Skagit County crime-related incidents map provided through a simple set of tools to “quickly” view incident information and which can run on desktop or mobile devices.

ARCGIS Online | Avenza Map Gallery (Ineractive PDF maps for download)

Digital Data
GPS Files | Digital Data Warehouse | Aerial Imagery | LIDAR | SCDC

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