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All Family law Order must be followed, including Parenting Plans, Restraining Orders, Child Support Orders and Other temporary family law orders.

Child Support

All child support orders must be followed.  Parents should work with DCS if work circumstances create a hardship.  You may not withhold parenting time for a parenting who is not paying child support.  You may not stop child support to a parent who is not following a parenting plan.

Parenting Plans / Residential Schedules

If the government is allowing individuals to leave their homes to obtain essential items such as food, and to be outdoors for fresh air (i.e. go on walks, etc.), then the court deems CHILD EXCHANGES ARE ESSENTIAL.

All Court ordered parenting plans must be followed and all parenting time must be permitted unless it is not possible.  If parenting time is missed because of governmental restrictions related to COVID-19, make up time shall be provided when the restrictions are lifted and the parents shall provide liberal telephone and videoconferencing (i.e. Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Facebook) with the child during this time. 

Spring/Summer Break, Vacation and/or Holidays

While school may be out of session, this is NOT considered summer break, spring break or a holiday.  Parents shall follow the schedule in the parenting plan for school session until school releases for summer, spring break, or other holiday under the current school year calendar.

Parenting Time in Public Places

If parenting time is ordered to occur in a public place, parenting time shall continue at locations that are permitted under the health and safety guidelines for the state, such as a large park or nature hike. *

Supervised Parenting Time

If parenting time is ordered to be supervised and the supervisor is unavailable to supervise as a result of the COVID-19 related governmental orders and restrictions, the parents should work together to locate a new supervisor, if possible. 

Parenting Plan Impossible to Follow

In the limited times when a parenting plan cannot be followed, for example because the parenting time requires travel that is restricted due to the governmental restrictions (i.e. flights), make-up time shall be provided when the restrictions are lifted, and the parents shall coordinate telephone and video contact with the child as stated above. 

Exchanges times

Exchange times under the parenting plan shall be followed.  If the exchange times are school times, the parents shall follow the start and release times for the regular school schedule and exchanges shall occur in a public location as close to the school as possible, unless otherwise agreed between the parents.