Operations Division: Road Maintenance

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Operations Division: Road Maintenance

Director | County Engineer Grace Kane P.E.
Operations Division Manager: John Davidson


Special Operations works throughout the County. This crew maintains all signs, guardrails and bridges. It applies the striping and pavement markings on the roads and sprays herbicides to control noxious weeds and vegetation along the roadside. The crew also takes on many special projects such as installing a radio tower for better communication, installing fences around county property, performing maintenance on county owned pits and quarries and solid waste facilities, and helping plan traffic control for special events such as the Tulip Festival and Big Lake Fire Works.

The crew spends much of its time reacting to requests both internally within Operations and/or other divisions, such as Solid Waste, Engineering and the Guemes Island Ferry. At times the crew may perform work for Parks and Recreation and Facilities.

Routine maintenance includes:

Drainage Maintenance
Cleaning out and unplugging culverts, pipes, catch basins and half rounds to promote water flow.

Bridge Inspections
Make visual checks of the bridges for the purpose of identifying any needed bridge maintenance or repair. These inspections are made in conjunction with the Bridge Engineer and done according to State requirements.

Repair and Sweep Bridges
Repair damage, deterioration or malfunction and sweep to remove accumulations of dirt.

Replace and Repair Guardrail as needed
Replace, repair and realign guardrail, including posts and hardware. This is normally done to repair accident damage, vandalism and deterioration.

Tree Trim and Chip
Cut and remove heavy brush and tree limbs to maintain a vertical clearance of 20-30 feet over the right of way and a horizontal clearance adequate to provide site distance and prevent encroachment on the roadway.

Weed control
A state licensed applicator applies spray to all Skagit County right of way which include roadside shoulders, and all guardrails.

No Spray Policy
Property owners who do not wish to have their adjoining right of way treated for weeds have the option of maintaining the right of way abutting their property. Agreements to this effect may be signed and returned to 201 East Avon Avenue, Burlington during the hours of Monday-Friday 7:30 am- 4:30 pm, OR emailed to PW_Roads@co.skagit.wa.us. This agreement MUST be filled out by the property owner. There is no charge for this agreement. Questions? Please call 360-416-1480.