Operations Division: Road Maintenance

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Operations Division: Road Maintenance

County Engineer: Paul A. Randall-Grutter P.E.
Operations Division Manager: Andy Shaw

District 1 consists of the area west of (including) LaConner Whitney, north of Highway 20 (to Old 99 N), west of (including) Old 99 North, and north of (not including) Prairie Road. District One also includes Guemes Island. The Districts ensures the quality of the road surface, shoulders and right of way. This would include resurfacing the road, patching potholes, mowing and brush cutting along the right of way, maintaining the shoulders, grading and adding crushed rock to gravel roads, and cleaning out culverts and ditches.

District 1 Roads to be Chip-Sealed in 2017

Gibralter Rd
Jura Lane
Jura Way
Miller Rd
Bow Hill Rd
Swanson Rd
Bow Hill Frontage Rd
Samish Island Rd
Bay View-Edison Rd
Pulver Rd
Bradley Rd
Indian Rd
Snee-Oosh Rd