Operations Division: Road Maintenance

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Operations Division: Road Maintenance

County Engineer: Paul A. Randall-Grutter P.E.
Operations Division Manager: Andy Shaw


District 2 starts at the Snohomish County line North and consists of the area east of (not including) LaConner Whitney, south of Highway 20 until it meets Highway 9, then south of the Skagit River to Loretta Creek, including the Lake Cavanaugh area.

District 2 Roads to be Chip-Sealed in 2017

Anderson Rd
Austin Rd
Baker Heights Rd
Bonney Ln
Brotherhood Rd.
Cascade St
Conway Frontage Rd
Cottonwood Ln
Curran Pl
Dunbar Ln
English Rd
F. Stevens Rd
Fonk Rd
Francis Rd
Goldie Ln
Greenfield St
Hermway Heights Dr
Hermway Heights Rd
Hulbert Rd
Knapp Rd
Lake McMurray Ln
Lake Sixteen Rd
Lange Rd
Lind St
Mann Rd
Maupin Rd
Melody Ln
Moberg Rd
Molly Ln
N. English Rd
Nookachamps Rd
Norman Pl
O'Leary Rd
Park Ave
Porter St
Rawlins Rd
Sherry Ln
Spruce St
Sterling Rd
Sunset Ln
Taylor Rd
Thillberg Rd
View Ave
View Moor Dr
Wylie Rd
Zoya Dr