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Natural Resources Division

Manager: Jenn E. Johnson



The Natural Resource Division of Skagit County Public Works focuses on surface water and our local water resources. A highly trained staff manages a number of programs to provide clean water, effective drainage, flood damage reduction and restoration.

Partnering with dike and drainage districts, tribes, state and federal agencies, Skagit Conservation District and local non-profit agencies, Skagit County effectively leverages local funding sources and resources for maximum efficiency and results.


Water Quality

Clean Water Program
Water Quality Monitoring
Pollution Identification Correction Program (PIC)
Stormwater Program
Skagit Regional Source Control Inspection Program

Report a water Quality Problem


Drainage Utility
Flood Awareness
Department of Emergency ManagementCurrent Incident Information

River Level Hotline 360-416-1404

Habitat and Restoration

Natural Resources Stewardship Program
Salmon Habitat Monitoring and Restoration
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
Voluntary Stewardship Program
Marine Resources Committee

Weed Management

Noxious Weeds
Lake Management Districts (Aquatic noxious weed control)

Farmland Legacy Program



  • Long Range Plan
    This long-range plan is intended to communicate the foundational direction and purpose of the
    Natural Resources Division

  • Beaver in Skagit County
    Beavers are keystone species, meaning that they have an extremely large impact on their ecosystem.

  • Fish Habitat Monitoring and Restoration
    Extra, extra, read all about it! Check out our NEW Spring/Summer 2016 Padilla Bay Newsletter. It includes a water quality update and an invite to Dine and Discover Bay View for a fun-filled evening of water quality education and delicious local food!

  • closure

    Water Quality
    Water Quality Reports

  • NRSP
    The Skagit County Natural Resource Stewardship Program is designed to improve water quality in Skagit County streams by furthering community awareness and inspiring landowners to participate in protecting and enhancing water quality.

  • Flood Awareness
    Surface Water Management and the Skagit County Department of Emergency Management have compiled information, links, and images to help keep you prepared and informed in case of a flood emergency

  • Fecal Map
    Clean Samish Initiative storm sampling results on one map, regardless of what agency took the sample. Note that you'll need to click the Skagit County tab at the top. You can find ALL of Skagit County's recent water quality monitoring results here.

Plans, Studies and Reports

Long RangePlan
This long-range plan is intended to communicate the foundational direction and purpose of the Natural Resources Division.

Studies, Plans and Reports Archive


Division Manager:
Jennifer E. Johnson

Natural Resource Division Contacts

Physical and Mailing Address:
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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