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A partnership between Skagit County, Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Sedro-Woolley

We created this program to help business owners reduce pollution at the source. Certain activities and materials may contaminate stormwater, which flows into other waterways. Rivers, streams, lakes, and marine waters may get polluted. These are the waters we play in, fish in, collect shellfish from, and drink.

We want to help businesses identify possible sources of pollution and work together to find solutions. We want to help your business apply proven pollution reduction techniques to prevent stormwater pollution.

Inspections will begin in January, 2023. You will receive notification with details by letter, email, or phone prior to your inspection. Translation services are available upon request.


Our Regional Source Control Inspector will begin inspections in January 2023. These inspections will aim to be unintrusive. We will inspect only around the outside of your building. Business owners are not required to be present for the process but are encouraged to participate.

If we identify possible sources of pollution, we will work with you to find pollution reduction techniques known to correct the problem. Our team will follow up with businesses to make sure solutions are working. We are also happy to answer questions and provide technical support at any time.

If you would like to be present and are not available at the chosen date and time of your inspection, you may reschedule. Please contact Jason Quigley at or (360) 416-1400 for scheduling changes.

Translation accommodations are available upon request. Please contact Jason Quigley at or (360) 416-1400 to request translation services during your inspection.

Stormwater is rain runoff from roads, roofs, parking lots, and other developed surfaces. As the water flows, it can pick up pollution like chemicals, oils, and dog poop. The stormwater then carries these things into our waterways, polluting streams, rivers, lakes, and the Puget Sound.

Get the facts on polluted runoff here.
Best Practices

Best management practices (BMPs) are things businesses can do to reduce stormwater pollution. Some BMPs include closing dumpster lids, preparing spill kits, preventing leaks, and properly disposing of wastewater.

Learn more about BMPs that can help reduce stormwater pollution and keep your business up to regulation here.





Why our program exists

State and federal law requires cities and counties to inspect businesses for possible sources of pollution.

State and federal law also requires businesses to manage and dispose of waste properly. Our program helps businesses follow these regulations by using pollution reduction techniques.


Source Control Inspection Program Brochure | Spanish

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Contact Jason Quigley, Skagit County Stormwater Coordinator
(360) 416-1400