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The Board of County Commissioners will hold a Public Hearing in the Commissioners' Hearing Room, County Administration Building, 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon, WA, on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at 9:00a.m., or as soon as possible thereafter, for the purpose of considering the reauthorization of the Skagit County Shellfish Protection District (Clean Water Program) and reestablish budget and finance rates and charges, as recommended by the Skagit County Department of Public Works.

2018 Clean Samish Initiative Update
2018 Winter Padilla Bay Newsletter
2018 Clean Samish Newsletter
2017 Winter Padilla Bay Newsletter
2017 Winter Clean Samish Newsletter
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2016 Clean Samish Newsletter
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2019 PIC Annual Report
Chemical Tracers Study 2019 Update
2018 Clean Water Report
2010-2018 Clean Water Program Factsheet
2018 PIC Annual Report
2018 Human Bacteria Source Tracking With Trained Dogs
2017 Clean Water Annual Report

2017 PIC Annual Report
2016 Clean Water Annual Report
2016 PIC Annual Report
2015-2016 Human Bacteria Source Tracking With Trained Dogs
2015 Clean Water Annual Report
2014 Clean Water Annual Report
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Quality Assurance Project Plan for Skagit County Public Works Clean Samish Initiative Implementation Water Quality Monitoring Program
2012 Clean Water Annual Report
University of Washington CSI Outreach Assessment report
2010 Clean Water Annual Report 
2011 Summer Clean Samish Initiative Report 
2011 Winter Clean Samish Initiative Report 
2010 Fall Clean Samish Initiative Report 
2010 Clean Water Report 
2009 Clean Water Report 


The Samish River: A Clean Water Initiative
Natural Resource Stewardship Program
Clean Water YouTube Channel

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Skagit County Pollution Identification and Correction Program – Samish and Padilla Watersheds [November 2017]

Samish Bay Fact Sheet 
Samish Bay Questions and Answers 

Results of Skagit County's Microbial Source Tracking project in the Samish Basin
SKAGIT COUNTY - On September 8, 2011 Skagit County personnel and invited experts presented the preliminary findings from the County's Microbial Source Tracking project in the Samish Basin. This project was designed to help determine sources of fecal coliform bacteria in the Samish Basin. 
The Samish Bay suffers from severe fecal coliform bacteria pollution issues. Bacteria in the Samish River, other streams, and the bay often reach levels too high for safe shellfish harvest, recreation, and food production. In recent years, this problem has become the focus of the Clean Samish Initiative. The problem has also attracted the attention of federal, state, and county environmental inspectors as they pursue cleaner water and safer shellfish in the bay.




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PIC report 2019
2019 PIC
Annual Report

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2019 Fall
Padilla Bay Newsletter

csi news
2019 Fall Clean
Samish Newsletter

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2019 Clean Water Report

csi news
2010-2018 Clean Water
Program Factsheet

The Samish River:
A Clean Water Initiative


Samish Microbial Source Study
Presentation on Sept 28, 2011