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Check the safety status map of recreational beaches OR call the Shellfish Safety Hotline
Samish Bay closed to recreational shellfish harvesters due to Red Tide
Will remain closed until additional sampling indicates toxin levels have declined. [more]

DOH urges recreational shellfish harvesters to follow ‘Three Cs’

OLYMPIA – Washington State Department of Health is urging recreational shellfish harvesters to take extra precautions and check, chill, and cook – the Three Cs – over the Labor Day weekend and into September. [more]

Shellfish closure map provided by
Washington State Department of Health

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Samish Bay Shellfish Closure Calendar

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Red days – are Confirmed Closures in the bay based on fecal coliform samples showing an excess of bacteria in the Samish River.

Circled days – are CFS Closures (CFS = cubic feet per second).  The WA State Office of Shellfish and Water Protection closes the bay based on a significant river rise.

Yellow days – are Unconfirmed Closures.  Once a CFS Closure has been triggered, the bay remains in an unconfirmed state until fecal coliform samples indicate the water is polluted (a red day) or not (the bay opens within 48 hours).

Blue days – are Flood Closures.  The Samish River has flooded and in turn the bay is closed.

Historic Closure Calendars

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2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016
| 2017