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Clean Samish Partners
The Clean Samish Initiative (CSI) is a collective of more than 20 governmental, business and non-profit organizations actively interested in improving water quality in the Samish River and in the Samish Bay.

Conservation Commission
Works with the Skagit Conservation District to encourage voluntary natural resource stewardship on private lands.
Department of Agriculture
Supports the local agricultural and dairy communities in Skagit County, performs inspections at local dairies, and aids in consumer, environmental and natural resource protection.
Department of Ecology
Ecology formed CSI in 2009 and coordinates outreach and compliance work, funding, incentive practices, water monitoring and inspections.
Department of Health
The shellfish protection program monitors conditions in Samish Bay and determines whether commercial and recreational harvests may occur.
Department of Natural Resources
In partnership with citizens and local governments, the DNR provides leadership and expertise to ensure environmental protection.
Environmental Protection Agency
Providing financial and technical assistance for a pilot DNA study to determine presence/absence of human and livestock sources of bacteria in the Samish watershed.
Governor's Office of Regulatory Assistance
CSI is the centerpiece of the Washington Shellfish Initiative to restore and expand Washington’s shellfish resources to promote clean-water industries.

Puget Sound Partnership
The Partnership is the backbone organization for Puget Sound recovery and provides funding and assistance related to water quality improvement and public education and outreach.
RE Sources of Sustainable Communities - North Sound Baykeeper
Promotes sustainable communities and helps protect the health of northwestern Washington’s people and ecosystems.

Samish Indian Nation
As an active CSI partner, the Samish Tribe manages the restoration of a tribally-owned riparian area on Thomas Creek, conducts water quality monitoring and provides education and outreach to Skagit Valley residents.
Skagit Conservation District
As another active CSI partner, the Conservation District provides voluntary, incentive based programs that support farms and working landscapes while protecting and enhancing Skagit County’s natural resources.

Skagit Conservation Education Alliance
Our local nonprofit organization educates the public about the health and economic risks of fecal coliform pollution and the benefits of improved water quality.
Skagit County Public Works
CSI’s lead agency conducts a monitoring program to track fecal coliform pollution in local waters and provides a pollution identification and correction program to help coordinate state and local efforts.

Skagit County Public Health
As an essential part of CSI, the department’s On-Site Sewage Program (OSS) requires county-certified OSS inspections and provides free classes to septic owners to help maintain systems and prevent human sewage pollution in our local waters.

Skagit County Planning and Development Services
Governs any land use activity that impairs or disturbs our local soils, vegetation and water.

Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group
A nonprofit organization formed in 1990 to engage the community in habitat restoration and watershed stewardship to help enhance salmon populations.

Taylor Shellfish Farms
This five-generation family business practices environmental and community sustainability, and actively participates in CSI to raise awareness about the need for clean water in shellfish harvesting.

Upper Skagit Indian Tribe
The Upper Skagit Tribe is a business and community partner who has invested interest in keeping our waters pollution free.
Washington Cattlemen's Association
The Association is a statewide non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the beef industry.
Washington Sea Grant/University of Washington
Washington Sea Grant educates communities and industries about marine issues, marine environment management and use of its resources.
Washington State Dairy Federation
The Federation develops and promotes initiatives directed toward achieving a successful business climate for dairy farmers in Washington State.
Washington State University Skagit County Cooperative Extension
Extension empowers people to find solutions for local issues and creates a culture of life-long learning with educational programs.

Western Washington Agricultural Association
The Association is a proactive grower-based organization providing services for the entire Western Washington agricultural community.