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Advisory Committee

The Skagit TDR project is working with a TDR Advisory Committee consisting of 16 members. The committee represents groups and organizations that might directly participate in a Skagit County TDR program, including agriculture, forestry, conservation, builders, developers, real estate professionals, bankers, and city planners. The committee also has two at-large members to help represent the interests of Skagit County residents generally. The role of the TDR Advisory Committee is to review and provide input on key policy and technical issues, and TDR public outreach efforts, to the County planning staff and consultants, the Planning Commission, and the Skagit County Board of Commissioners. The TDR Advisory Committee is not a decision-making body and is not expected to "vote" on recommendations or achieve consensus on all issues brought before them.

Resolution Appointing TDR Advisory Committee [Pdf]

Meeting Summary
Presentations and Discussion Materials
June 4
Sending area delineation
March 13
Determining eligibility of development right for sale
Selection and Prioritization of TDR Sending Areas
Options for Achieving Conservation with Density Fee Funds
Skagit County TDR Report Outline – Preliminary/Draft
January 9
TDR Resource Guide Excerpts
TDR and Density Credit Options
November 14
Memo to Advisory Committee | Draft Preliminary Market Analysis Memo
August 8
Memo to Advisory Committee | Draft Preliminary Market Analysis Memo

May 9

Summary of TDR Discussions to Date

April 18

Maps for Discussion Purposes

March 14

Major Themes from November Sending Area Discussion | Potential TDR Conservation Goals and Objectives

February 14

Memo: Advance Reading | Memo: Advance Reading | Table: Potential Receiving Areas | Draft Goal Statement | Envision Report Excerpts Re: TDR

November 8

List of potential areas | Establishing Sending Areas

September 19

Goals | Outreach Guidelines

June 19

Kirk Johnson, Project Manager | Taylor Carroll, Forterra | Heather Ballash, Washington State Department of Commerce