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Transfer of Development Rights Project
Project Scope of Work

Following is a summary of the more detailed scope of work contained in the interagency agreement between Skagit County and the Washington Department of Commerce, which has provided a grant to Skagit County to help fund the project.

Download the Grant Contract.

Scope of Work Summary Phase 1: Skagit TDR Program


Projected Timeline

A.1 - Public Outreach

a. Conduct outreach to landowners and stakeholders.
b. Convene TDR stakeholder group.
c. Conduct public workshops and briefings with appointed and elected officials.

Project start through December 2013
A.2 - Research of existing TDR programs, and review of existing Skagit County goals, policies and programs for compatibility with TDR Project start through June 2013
A.3 – Sending and Receiving Areas:

A.3.1 – Identify, analyze, map and prioritize potential rural and natural resource land sending areas

A.3.2 – Work with the City of Burlington and Skagit Council of Governments to identify and evaluate potential receiving sites

A.3.3 – Coordination with the Watershed Characterization Technical Assistance Team.

Project start through June 2013
A.4 - TDR Market Analysis to determine viability to provide incentives for developers to use TDR, including potential TDR conversion commodities Project start through December 2013
A.5 - TDR Program, Structure – Review existing TDR program structures, assess the relationship of a TDR program to existing county and city agricultural conservation and density transfer programs. If directed by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC), identify and develop a TDR program that fits with existing programs in Skagit County. Project start through 2013
A.6 – Draft interlocal agreement with participating city or cities March 2013 – December 2013
A.7 – Board of County Commissioners’ (BCC) Action on Final TDR Program following consideration through County legislative process January 2013 – December 2014