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Transfer of Development Rights Project
Market Analysis

To be successful, a transfer of development rights program must have a strong foundation in real estate economics and the dynamics of the local development market.

Skagit County hired the consulting firm Heartland to conduct a TDR Market and Economic Analysis for this project. From early 2013 through March 2014, Heartland analyzed the projected demand for development in possible TDR receiving areas; estimated the value to developers of additional units of development potential in those same receiving areas; and estimated the value of residential development rights in proposed TDR sending areas. Heartland also evaluated how a TDR program might affect existing conservation and development incentive programs like Farmland Legacy and the Burlington Agricultural Heritage Density Credit Program. The final TDR market analysis is available here:

Final Skagit County TDR Market and Economic Analysis, Heartland, March 18, 2014

On January 7, 2014, County and Heartland staff held three focus group meetings with developers and property owners to receive feedback on the preliminary TDR market analysis. Here are slides from Heartland’s presentation and written summaries of those meetings:

Heartland TDR Market Analysis PowerPoint Slides, January 7, 2014

Key Issues from Focus Group Meetings
Landowner-Developer Meeting Summary
Forestry Focus Group Meeting Summary
Agricultural Focus Group Meeting Summary